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April 30, 2020

Grandson Brett

Lufkin Daily News

BY: Josh Havard



Growing up as a Lufkin Panthers’ fan, Brett Riggs patiently waited for his opportunity to step into the varsity lineup.

Once he got his chance, there was no stopping him. He quickly became a mainstay in the middle of the Lufkin lineup and one of the top hitters in the district.

By the time his junior season was over, he was a first-team all-district selection at designated hitter. He picked up where he left off for his senior year as he was once again one of the potent bats for the Panthers.

“I’ve wanted to represent Lufkin ever since I can remember,” Riggs said. “When coach told me I had made the varsity before last year, I just said ‘finally.’ It was great. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t waste the chance.”

Riggs has spent the last two seasons rotating between first base and designated hitter. As a senior this season, he was the primary first baseman, although he can also step in at third base when called upon.

Since quickly emerging as a junior, his bat has been a steady force. His drive has helped the other parts of his game catch up with that hitting prowess.

“Playing at first base most games, I take responsibility for picking guys up when the throw isn’t right there,” Riggs said. “I’ll admit I was really slow so I had to get a little faster. I think my baseball IQ and hitting talent have been there. I’ve just worked on being more athletic to try to bring my overall game around.”

Lufkin head coach John Cobb attests to exactly what kind of work Riggs puts in both on the field and away from it.

“He’s a prime example for the younger guys to look up to,” Cobb said. “He works his butt off and does everything possible to get better. He’s gotten a lot stronger in the weight room. He’s capitalized on all the skills he has and works hard on what he needs to get better at.”

As much as Cobb praised his work, he also knows Riggs is one of the players he likes having at the plate in clutch situation

He’s got phenomenal hand-eye coordination,” Cobb said. “He’s a great contact guy we can go hit and run with. If there’s a runner on third base with less than two outs, he’ll find a way to drive them in. He understands the game really well.”

Riggs also showed he has no problem in stepping into the big spots for a winning team as he was a member of last year’s team that finished just short of a district title.

Lufkin entered the final night of the regular season in first place despite being picked fourth in the district.

As he showed himself worthy of a major role on that year’s team, he also showed the competitive fire that made that team a contender.

“We thought all along we weren’t a fourth-place team,” Riggs said. “We just all got behind each other and proved what type of team we could be.”

Now as a senior, Riggs is leading the way on a team that features a mixture of experience and youth.

“We’ve got a younger team, so what I really work on is just working hard and trying to show them what it takes to play at the varsity level,” Riggs said.

Playing at the varsity level is one thing. Thriving at it is another. Riggs has mastered that over the last two years.

“He struggled at the beginning of last year, but he bought into what we teach,” Cobb said.

“By the end of the year, he was an all-district player. He’s the type of player you love having on your team.”


Congratulations on All-District selection as a Junior.


Enjoying Houston Astro vs New York Yankee game with his dad, Denny Riggs


April 28, 2020

Bass Fishing – Freddie Keel

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April 19, 2020

Making pork link sausage with grandsons

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December 19, 2019

Family Pictures

Sister Gwen Keel Kettering / Freddie Keel Freddie Keel / Grand daughter Shea Errickson

Grand Daughter Janet McLaughlin / Freddie Keel Daugher Jill Keel Riggs / Freddie Keel Grand Daughter Kaithlyn McLaughlin / Freddie Keel Daughter Kris Keel McLaughlin / Freddie Keel Grand daughter Laura McLaughlin / Freddie Keel Son in law – Mike McLaughlin

Grand daughters

Kaithlyn McLaughlin, Shea Errickson

Janet McLaughlin, Laura McLaughlinGrand daughter Shea Errickson / Freddie Keel


December 17, 2019

Family Photos

Freddie Keel / daughter Cindy Keel Adkison

Grand daughters with Freddie Keel

Shea Errickson, Laura McLaughlin, Kaitlyn McLaughlin, Janet McLaughlin

Freddie Keel with granddaughter Kristin (KJ) Adkison

Freddie Keel with granddaughter Kristin (KJ) Adkison

Freddie Keel with daughter Kris Keel McLaughlin

December 16, 2019

Game Camera Photos – Freddie Keel

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Freddie Keel

Freddie Keel

Freddie Keel


December 15, 2019

Game Camera Photos – Freddie Keel

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Freddie Keel

December 13, 2019

Game camera photos of Freddie Keel

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December 12, 2019

Tadpole with daughters 11-07-2019

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Enjoying night out with daughters Cindy and Jill

December 11, 2019

Bethany and Papaw (Freddie Keel)

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Granddaughter Bethany with her Papaw.

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