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December 13, 2019

Game camera photos of Freddie Keel

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January 16, 2019

Deer in Rapeseed Food Plot

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December 18, 2018

Jill and friends enjoying the pool

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December 8, 2018

SheaBaby’s Birthday and more – July 2010

November 25, 2018

Keel Family 2011



July 7, 2018

Controlling Feral Hogs with Tannerite

April 12, 2017

Drop Hog Trap – 041117

We have found this drop trap to be very effective for feral hogs.   It appears the

advantage of this type trap is that the hogs can see all the way under the trap.

And they aren’t required to enter a small trap door.   We caught 18 pigs in the

first week of activation in another drop trap.  It’s built using three 16′ utility panels.

A small mess is lines the inside to prevent small pigs from escaping.

The diameter is 15′.  We use a Harbor Freight winch to life the trap.   Two 20′ stalks

of 1 1/2′ square tubing if part of the lifting.  The trigger is an upside down cross built out

of 1″ lumber.   Corn is placed under the trigger.  A hog bumps the trigger and the

trap drops before he can escape.


July 30, 2015

Someone should tell these guys, “Property protected by Tannerite “



May 5, 2015

Grandson tied me a new crappie jig


It will be a few days before I tie this new crappie jig onto my rig,

but I thinking it will be a good fishing lure.

April 17, 2015

Really nice bass caught by really nice grandson


He caught this momma off of her spawning bed.

Got a picture and then released her.

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