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March 31, 2011

snake identified

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the answer


the question

(thanks Troy)


Hemphill Care Center – April 2011 Activities Calendar

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April 2011
1-10am Bingo with Texas Home Health…230pm Popsicles…April Fools’ Day
2- 10am Card Games…230pm Puzzlemania…HAPPY 100TH BIRTHDAY CONNIE WHITE
3-9am First Baptist Church…230pm Wordfind Trivia
4-10am Church of Christ Bingo…2pm Lakes Area Hospice Hope Family…3pm Warrior Meeting
5-930am Fairdale Baptist Church…230pm Popcorn…HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRIETTA SELBY
6-10am Bethel Chapel Baptist Church…2pm Dominoes…6pm Lobby Singing…HAPPY BIRTHDAY REBECCA MARSHALL
7-10am Resident Council Meeting…230pm Happy Birthday Twinkies Party!
8-10am Bingo…130pm Funny Friday Joke Contest…2pm Karaoke with Marti
9-10am Yahtzee…230pm Movie Time…HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIMMY DOYLE STEWART
10-9am First Baptist Church…230pm Crossword Trivia
11-930am Singing & Bingo with Parkway Baptist church…3pm Warrior Meeting
12-930am Fairdale Baptist Church…230pm Popcorn
13-10am Quincy Time!…1pm Manicures…230pm Domino Wednesday
14-10am Little Flock Baptist Church…2pm Hemphill Garden Club Ladies
15-10am Bingo with the American Legion…230pm “Thank YOu” Volunteer Party
16-10am Macedonia’s Little Angels…230pm Dominoes….HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATSY HARDY
17-9am First Baptist church…230pm Wordfind Trivia…FULL MOON
18-10am Church of Christ Bingo…2pm Mad Monday…3pm Warrior Meeting
19-930am Fairdale Baptist church…2pm Egg Stuff…230pm Popcorn…HAPPY
20-10am Bethel Chapel Baptist Church…2pm Egg Dye…6pm Lobby Singing…HAPPY
22-10am Bingo with Texas Home Health…2pm EASTER EGG HUNT AND HOT DOG
23-10am Dominoes…230pm Checkers
24-9am First Baptist Church…HAPPY EASTER
25-930am Singing & Bingo with Parkway Baptist Church…3pm Warrior Meeting
26-930am Fairdale Baptist Church…230pm Popcorn
27-10am Bethany Baptist church…1pm Manicures…2pm Humor Humpday Joke
Contest…3pm Dominoes
28-10am Crafts with Sandy…230pm Tiffany’s Tasties
29-10am Bingo…2pm CJ the One Man Band…HAPPY BIRTHDAY VERMELL
30-10am Card Games…230pm Yahtzee…HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK WINN

March 30, 2011

can you identify this snake?

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It was a road kill in the Conroe, Texas area.

The photo is all the information available.

It appears the head was smashed.

I can not detect any rattlers on the tail.

March 29, 2011

OK smart guys and gals

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try this test and no cheating


March 28, 2011

new businessmen

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These guys are starting their International Aluminum Can Collection business.

So far they have collected about one pound of cans.

Brett can smash the cans.

Luke just swings on the handle of the ‘smasher’.

March 26, 2011

Happy Anniversary to us (3/26)

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and many more..


we count our blessings ever day


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  1. How many years? And congratulations!!

    Comment by Cindy — March 26, 2011 @ 4:47 pm

  2. Wishing you both many more.

    Comment by cbeck75948 — March 26, 2011 @ 10:37 am

March 25, 2011

E I E I O – our daughter has a farm

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And this does not include photos of all farm varmits


March 24, 2011

our major league pitcher

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I would hate to face that determined look. This boy is focused.

Comment by cbeck75948 — March 24, 2011 @ 2:42 pm

March 23, 2011

snake bitten today

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I had just finished with my nite time snack

and was walking out to our pier

to discard the remaining food in the lake to feed the fish.

I was wearing a long sleeve shirt.

The path to our fishing pier is adjacent to a boat storage area.

I thought my right arm had gotten into a fishing line with a hook.

But when I glanced  down this snake was attached to my arm.

His teeth were hung in the sleeve of my shirt.

I shook him loose and continued walking out on the pier.

He coiled up on a rafter.


I got a stick and proceeded to deal him some misery.

Nearby we have several Purple Martin houses.

The birds were nervous and chattering.

They had watched him bite me

and was watching me get even.


This is the six foot chicken snake that made the mistake of biting me.

And he paid the ultimate price.


1 Comment »

Glad you are alright. Better learn to look ahead when walking and pay attention.
Hope ya’ll will be happy at the new home. Looks like the grandkids had a great Spring Break with you.

Comment by Sue — March 23, 2011 @ 6:50 am

It wouldn’t have mattered if it was poisonous or not. I would have had a stroke, passed out, fell in the lake and drown!!

Comment by Cindy — March 23, 2011 @ 9:48 pm


March 22, 2011

Starting to move from our Willis home

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to our new spot in Lufkin

with our barn


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I have major barn envy.

Comment by Kris — March 22, 2011 @ 3:41 pm


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