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June 30, 2011

raking the beach using the latest technology

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June 29, 2011

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE – Mary Howell – June 29, 2011

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JUNE 29, 2011
The month of June has been filled with several new and exciting activities here at Hemphill Care Center. We enjoyed a cheese tasting party, a new activity called Circle Time, which is new and different every week and we have become quite the bowlers by practicing on our Wii. Our clown friends from Lakes Area Hospice entertained us on a Monday afternoon where we sang songs and laughed together. Quincy from Odyssey Hospice stopped by and led us in singing our favorite hymns. We always enjoy hearing Quincy tickle the ivories. On Friday afternoon we sang karoake with Marti Bible, she let us act like stars as we sang our favorite goldie oldies. David Ener was the winner in our annual hug Day contest, in which he received 96 hugs!
 Our second movie night was a big hit for us. We enjoyed the outdoors while watching Hachie, A Dogs Story, which was based on a true story. The weather was pleasant and the food was great!. Thank you to John McGraw from Hornet Express Video for loaning us the movie.
 Bingo games during June were sponsored by; the American Legion, Texas Home Health, Hemphill’s Church of Christ and Parkway Baptist Church.
 The Pineywoods Pickers entertained us with favorite gospel and bluegrass songs, while our friends from the United Methodist Church provided the refreshments for us to enjoy.
 Some Dallas friends came to see us during this month, Dean and Nancy Schober. They brought us a supply of new magazines for us to enjoy. Julia Ann Smith Covington enjoyed a Monday afternoon visit with her aunt, Lavern Mayo. She keeps us with what goes on around here by reading “On The Bright Side” every week. She made it a point to stop by and tell me that. I am glad I can be of service in that area.
 Our dads were honored with a Fathers Day Pizza Party on Friday June 17. Ebb Dickerson was our oldest father at 101, Louis Scott was our youngest dad at 61 and Dempsey McClelland our father with the most children, he has 6. Friends from the VFW Ladies Auxiliary Post 10351 came by and surprised us with ice cream treats, which were delicious.
 We were blessed with worship services and gospel singing by Bethel Chapel Baptist Church, Hemphill First Baptist Church, Hemphill Church of Christ, Fairdale Baptist Church, Little Flock Baptist Church, Parkway Baptist Church and Bethany Baptist Church.
 Last Friday we enjoyed our one man band C.J. Michaels. He entertained us with lots of our favorite songs. He had the place hopping. Our Activity staff treated us to fresh made waffles yesterday in honor of National Waffle Iron Day. Today will be highlighted with a domino tournament, which will be a lot of fun for the players and spectators.
 We look forward to making jewelry with Sandy Trahan, Olivia and Jasmine tomorrow morning  and Tiffany’s Tasties tomorrow afternoon.
 The resident council selected Fairdale Baptist Church as our volunteers of the month, Ruth Watson as our resident of the month and Tammy Childress & Bobbie Kukuk as our employees of the month.
 We say a big “THANK YOU” to Tommy Whittington for the purple hull peas he gave us last week. We had a great time shelling them and look forward to enjoy eating them.
 We extend our deepest sympathy to the families and friends of Marion Bryant and Charles Roy Parker.
 Guests are always welcome to stop by for a visit at Hemphill Care Center. A visit, smile and a cherry word gives us a day on the bright side.

more sea turtles

more big mamma turtles are coming ashore to lay their eggs.

a couple nights ago, these are a few of their tracks.




they try to get farther inland, but they can not negotiate this two foot bank

in this case, she dug a large hole at the edge bank


the turtle patrol collects many of the turtle eggs and buries them in this sanctuary


at first glance, you might think it is a cemetery


Each batch of eggs have a marker.

Number of batches collected, Date collected, military time collected, Specie

Number of eggs collected, Size  of Turtle and location


Interesting info from the 54 signs:

Earliest collection = May 14, 2011

Most eggs collected from one momma = 171

Least amount of eggs collected from one momma = 25

Over half of the collections had resulted in more that 130 eggs being collected


Our family was on the  beach last night to watch the big turtles come ashore.

It started about midnight and continued until after 3:00 am.

Our grandson, Garrett, had the experience of helping the ‘turtle patrol’ collect eggs.

One big momma dug a hole about the size of your dinner table and about three feet deep.

Once she started laying the eggs,  the attendants allowed Garrett to reach in

the hole and retrieve the eggs.

She laid 101 eggs.

Once finished she returned to the sea.

The process took her about three hours.

It was neat to stand beside a big sea turtle.

The ‘turtle patrol’ would not allow photos to be taken.

They thought the flash would disturb them.

June 28, 2011

A man can fix anything

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Don’t have a spoon?
A man can fix that!


Seat belt broken?
A man can fix that!


New TV too big for the old cabinet?
A man can fix that!


Car stereo stolen?
A man can fix that!


Can’t read the ATM screen?
A man can fix that!


Car imported from the wrong country?
A man can fix that!


Satellite goes out in the rain?
A man can fix that!


Electric stove broken & can’t heat coffee?
A man can fixed that.


Wiper motor burned out?
A man can fix that!


Display rack falling over?
A man can fix that!


Exhaust pipe dragging?
A man can fix that!


Gotta feed the baby AND do the laundry?
A man can fix that!


Cables falling behind the desk?

A man can fix that!


Out of diapers?

A man can fix that!

June 27, 2011

Just a glimpse of (wet) paradise

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It has been raining since Saturday night.

No sun for the sun worshipers

No calm sea for the scuba folks

Golf courses are too wet

Beach is undesirable


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The flowers at our complex are just beautiful and they seem to be so healthy.












June 26, 2011

We need this weather in East Texas

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It has rained most of the nite and all day.

It is gorgeous to see this much rain.


coconut pudding pie

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I few days ago, coconuts were harvested.

First, the ends were removed allowing us to drink the coconut juice.

Then they were sliced open to remove the coconut meat.

And finally, Glenda made coconut pudding pies using the few ingredients available.

And they were FABULOUS using the fresh coconuts.



June 25, 2011

This guy reminds me —–

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of some golfing buddies back in the U.S.A.

And you know of whom I speak!

June 24, 2011

Thought you might want a view of paradise

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