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January 17, 2016

Our Wood Duck Sanctuary


Our farm has a slough (drainage or ditch that holds water year round) in a hardwood forest.   Our grandson discovered this swampy area last year.  Recently, he discovered it was a favorite site for wood ducks.   So he designated it as our Wood Duck Sanctuary.   We erected two wood duck boxes for nesting.  We also placed a corn feeder near waters edge.  We plan to feed year round.

Recently, our game camera caught four wood ducks near the feeder and the nest.  Hopefully, the camera will catch the ducks entering or exiting a nest.   And then a real fabulous photo would be ducklings exiting the nest next spring.

December 5, 2015

Our Wood Duck Sanctuary


Grandson Garrett discovered this deep slough on our farm that appears to hold water year round. The slough is probably one hundred yards long.   He has declared it an area off-limits to duck hunting.   We erected two wood duck boxes to encourage the ducks to nest and raise their young.   We hung a corn feeder that dispenses some corn in the water.  This might keep squirrels, raccoons, rabbits, hogs, deer and birds from eating corn meant for ducks.   Another nice thing about this site is the abundance of acorns.   Many of the acorns fall directly into the water.    We’re looking forward to capturing some wood duck images on the game camera.

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