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January 16, 2013

High Fence Whitetail Deer

buck _lowry_010413a

Behind ‘game proof fence’ we noticed this nice buck.

We had to wait a few minutes to see full rack.


buck _lowry_010413

And when it raises his head,

we see that one side has been shed

or lost in a battle.

November 21, 2011

Hunting with my buddy

Watch out Bambi


We will do a little whittling while we wait for Bambi


Nice spear whittled with his new knife.

Bambi is safe.

September 29, 2011

the grand-kids love our deer/pork smoked sausage

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the deer and pork have gone through the grinder after being seasoned.

after stuffing into hog casing, the link sausage is placed on the pit.


after about four hours on the pit, the sausage are ready.

they will be washed, cooled, cut into small links

and put into quart zip locks for freezing.

once frozen, the sausage will be disbursed to the grand-kids

September 16, 2011

World ‘s Largest Buck Deer

Here’s a picture of the new world record whitetail buck.

It was taken by the cousin of a co-worker’s sister’s, uncle’s, best friend’s, son-in-law’s, niece’s hairdresser’s, neighbor’s ex-boyfriend’s oldest nephew. Reportedly it will score 2603-1/8 by B&C standard and was shot in West Texas on a really windy day, 85 degrees downhill, around a curve at 900 yards with a .22 cal. rifle.

Supposedly, this deer had killed a Brahma bull, two Land Rovers, and six Jehovah’s Witnesses in the last two weeks alone.¬†They said it was winning a fight with Bigfoot when it was shot. It has also been confirmed that the buck had been seen drinking discharge water from a nuclear power plant.

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