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November 29, 2012

Fish do not have a chance with a Lowrance on your boat

Grandson Garrett and I were hand fishing for channel catfish.

We stopped at a spot, threw out the chum and waited

on the catfish to find the chum.

The Lowrance electronics showed lots of fish

seven to twelve-foot deep in thirty-one foot water.

We thought the fish might be crappie,

so we fished with a crappie jig.

No luck!

They could be catfish suspended at that shallow depth,

so we used our catfish bait.

No luck!

The fish could be bass or bar fish,

so we fished with a spoon.

No luck.

They could be bream,

so we fished with small pieces of a Coot gizzard.



The fun began.

We started catching really nice bream.

Why is this large school of bream suspended

over deep water is unknown.

And their location would have never been known

without the Lowrance.

June 7, 2012

He should have stayed out of Nanna’s flowers


¬†This rabbit had been enjoying Nanna’s marigolds

until grandson Garrett shows up with his six-shooter.


Later I was wandering thru the kitchen and noticed Garrett

at the sink with hands full of meat and rabbit feet.

” Garrett, I ask you to throw that rabbit in the woods.”

“Papaw, I didn’t wanna waste the meat”

“Well, whatta you plan to do with the meat”?

“nanna will cook it for me”!

“Whatta about the four rabbit feet”?

“they’re for luck”

“They were not very lucky for the rabbit”!

“Whatta about the pelt”?

“I’m gonna preserve it with salt and hang it in my room”!

The kid was born 100 years late.


This one came from our garden area.


and another one from Nanna’s flowers

January 6, 2012

Big Blues have moved in to shallow water


My ‘flagging jugs’ have been catching a couple of fish per day until last nite (1/4/12).

The 11 jugs with one circle hook each were baited with cut bullhead catfish.

One hook was baited using a small live bullhead.

The jugs were located in about 14 foot of water.

The blues weighed 11#, 11#, 18# and 21#.

One jug had disappeared from my fishing area and was found some

100 yards tangled in heavy brush.  The fish had got off the hook.

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