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October 26, 2014

Grandson Garrett gets a spike deer


Youth Weekend for Deer Hunting in Texas

yielded nice spike buck deer for

Grandson Garrett

March 15, 2013

Even Tadpole gets lucky.


This big momma had not make it to the

shallow spawning water as she was

caught in 20′ deep.

After this photo she was released to

hopefully release the eggs

in her belly.

January 22, 2013

Grandson Garrett is happy to have good hunting friends


Squirrel hunting in East Texas is a thrill for our grandson.

He is fortunate to have good friends  which take him hunting.

This trip yielded 19 squirrels.

Good squirrel dogs are a pleasure to watch hunt.

The squirrels are cleaned and eaten.

September 4, 2012

Father/Son showing a nice op catfish

They caught this nice op (flat head catfish)

on a flagging jug using a live bream as bait.

July 23, 2012

When you see me on the lake, I will be wearing my life jacket!

Tadpole (photo by Martha’s World Wide Photos)
DANGEROUS: With lake levels up, TPWD is planning on lots of people out on the water this year. After a bad year last year, they are urging people to wear life vests.

Much needed rainfall has put water back in many Texas lakes. And after a dangerous year on the water last year, Texas Parks and Wildlife game wardens are anticipating a busy boating season.

“Last year we had 32 boating fatalities across the state,” said Jeff Parrish, assistant chief for marine law enforcement. “Tragic as that number is, we can learn something from statistics. Of those 32 deaths, all but five were of people not wearing a personal flotation device. That really underscores the vital importance of wearing a life jacket.”

State law requires that a personal flotation device be available for each occupant of a boat, but only those under 13 years of age are mandated by the law to wear one while the boat or paddle craft is underway or drifting.

“The numbers speak for themselves,” Parrish continued. “Wear a life jacket and your chances of surviving a life threatening event on the water increases 10 fold.”

While the life jacket requirement is not new, the last session of the legislature did make it mandatory that all persons born on or after Sept. 1, 1993 obtain a boater education certificate before they can legally operate a vessel with a rating of more than 15 horsepower. Anyone supervising the operation of a vessel by another must be exempt from the boater ed requirement (born before 1993) or have a boater ed certificate.

Six of the boating deaths in 2011 were alcohol-related, underscoring the importance of not drinking while operating a boat.

“If you want to drink when you’re out on the water, do so responsibly or have a designed operator,” Parrish said. “Anyone our wardens find operating a boat while intoxicated will be going to jail.”

In addition to the 32 boating fatalities in 2011 (up four from 2011), Texas saw 229 boating accidents that resulted in 121 injuries. State game wardens and other marine enforcement officers made 259 BWI arrests and issued 305 citations for no life jacket.

“Anyone stumped on a gift idea for a high school graduate could see that they get signed up for a boater ed class,” Parrish said. “That’s a gift that could end up saving a life.”

“Getting caught on open water in a storm is not a fun experience,” Parrish said. “If rough weather is anticipated, it’s best to stay off the water or close to shore.”

May 4, 2012

Toledo Bend Flagging Jug Blues

Martha shows off a couple of blue cat fish

she and husband(Jimmy Fred) caught

while jug fishing on Toledo Bend Lake.

April 24, 2012

Big Man ::: Small Fish


This small black bass was released.

April 23, 2012

What beautiful views on Toledo Bend Lake

Martha caught this sunrise on Toledo Bend Lake


and I caught this Toledo Bend Sunset

April 17, 2012

Pendleton Golf Tournament Winners – 041412

George Johnson, Jaxon Page, Anthony Page, Clyde Brewer and Jim Kirby won the April golf tournament at Pendleton Harbor Golf Course with a score of 10 under par.


Second Place went to Gerry Chau, B. T. Skelton, Kevin Dutton and Freddie Keel with a score of seven under par.


Nearest to the Pin Winners” were

Clifton Orr and Jeffrey Bailey

The Pendleton Harbor Golf Tournament is played on the 2nd Saturday of each month.  It is a scramble format and all are welcome.

April 15, 2012

Blues are still biting

When mom holds up this nice blue cat,

her beautiful baby is sorta ok.


When papaw holds up the same blue cat fish,

check out the baby’s bottom lip.

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