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January 17, 2013

One Special Young Lady


Sydney with a nice buck taken during 2012 Christmas Holidays.

Sydney has since taken a doe.

Sadly, most of our youth are addicted to electronics.

Not Sydney.

Sydney loves to hunt with her dad

and dad is never to busy to take her shooting or hunting.

Sydney loves shooting clays with her grandfather and grandmother Kettering.

Sydney was taught gun safety at very young age.

Sydney loves to duck, squirrel and dove hunt.

Sydney is fortunate to have parents that support her love of shooting.

Sydney is fortunate to have grandparents that support her love of shooting.

What kind of birthday party did she have?

Shooting Party of course.

A lot of her friends are hunters and shooters.

Now more of her girls friends want to learn how to shoot.

Sydney got her shooting genes from both sides of her family.

The genes came partially from her

paternal grandfather Larry Felts.

Her Uncle Steve Felts taught her to shoot a bow and archery hunt.

  And then she got shooting/hunting/fishing genes

from her maternal great grand father J. W. Keel

and maternal great great grand father F. A. Keel

We sure need more young folks like Sydney.

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