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March 7, 2015

Hog in Snare


Feral hogs at our farm are reproducing at an alarming rate.  Their rooting has destroyed one hay meadow.   This photo is example of their damage.   During the day I’m on our tractor with drag, trying to level the damage.  During the night, they are rooting.


October 1, 2010

Suprise for me and Suprise for the hogs

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Due to the hot weather, I had not activated the hog traps at our tree farm.  The traps were open with the trap door in a locked position.  During the last few days, I have put some feed in the traps so that the hogs would get use to entering and exiting without difficulty.

On Thursday afternoon, I had planned to put some corn in the traps with activation next week when the weather is cooler.

When I drove up to the traps, I was stunned to see three hogs and one piglet in one trap.  And they were excited to see me.  I’m assuming they entered the traps and their bumping the sides caused the trap door to fall and locking them on the inside.

It was 88* and without water they might die so the choices were to release them or dress them quickly.  In about 90 minutes, they were cleaned and on ice.



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