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February 8, 2013

big day for big blues


Our neighbor Johnny helped me run my jugs.





All of these blue cat fish were caught on same day

using flagging jugs.

They were caught in the daytime.

They weighed from twenty to thirty pounds

and were at least 36 inches in length.

I was fishing in about 20′ and

using mid size bream for bait.

January 6, 2012

Big Blues have moved in to shallow water


My ‘flagging jugs’ have been catching a couple of fish per day until last nite (1/4/12).

The 11 jugs with one circle hook each were baited with cut bullhead catfish.

One hook was baited using a small live bullhead.

The jugs were located in about 14 foot of water.

The blues weighed 11#, 11#, 18# and 21#.

One jug had disappeared from my fishing area and was found some

100 yards tangled in heavy brush.  The fish had got off the hook.

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