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May 29, 2011

Wild Hog Roundup

Wulf Outdoor Sports is East Texas’ premier retailer for hunting, fishing, archery, outdoor apparel and off-road power vehicles. Fred Wulf, a long-term resident of East Texas and a man with 35 years business experience, opened Wulf Outdoor Sports to the people of East Texas on June 8, 2004 with his first store located in Center, Texas.

Recently Wulf Outdoors sponsored the first Wild Hog Roundup.  Thirty-seven teams competed from May 5th through May 14 to see which team could catch the most hogs and the largest hog.  The hogs had to be taken from a few nearby counties by trapping or the use of dogs.  East Texas is over run with feral hogs and this was a good opportunity to prove who was the best at catching wild hogs.

A total of 724 wild hogs were taken during the contest period and the largest was 400 pounds.  The winning team caught 154 hogs.     For full score board : http://www.wulfoutdoorsports.com/

A video of the heavy hog capture is available on Youtube.

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