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January 17, 2011

One less hog on the tree farm

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A few days ago my game camera caught the pigs coming to a corn feeder.

It just happens that I have a hog trap at that feeder.

So our grand-son (Brett) and I set the trap.

We used corn soaked in diesel as bait for the trap.

Deer normally will not eat diesel corn, this prevents catching a deer in the trap.


And the next day.

I think I recognize him from the game camera photo.


Wild hogs are a problem for the Southern States.

They cause four hundred million dollars in damage per year in Texas.

They can triple their population in a year.

No longer are they far away as they are now invading the developed areas.

And there is no effective control…..at this time.



December 23, 2010

Gman had a good day


It started with an early morning fishing trip for crappie.

He’s learning to stretch those arms when taking a picture.



And then it was time to eat those fresh crappie

Our fish cooking  is simple.

First and most important – cut fillets into small pieces, about size of a finger.

Apply only Tony Chachere Original seasoning


Moving a hog trap to a new location.

Our hog trap is small to prevent catching deer.

And it will catch hogs.


baiting trap with fish carcass


Trigger set, Gman is ready for the hogs.

Notice that we cover the bottom with dirt

and put some brush on top.


see tomorrow’s posting for his next day—-



October 1, 2010

Suprise for me and Suprise for the hogs

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Due to the hot weather, I had not activated the hog traps at our tree farm.  The traps were open with the trap door in a locked position.  During the last few days, I have put some feed in the traps so that the hogs would get use to entering and exiting without difficulty.

On Thursday afternoon, I had planned to put some corn in the traps with activation next week when the weather is cooler.

When I drove up to the traps, I was stunned to see three hogs and one piglet in one trap.  And they were excited to see me.  I’m assuming they entered the traps and their bumping the sides caused the trap door to fall and locking them on the inside.

It was 88* and without water they might die so the choices were to release them or dress them quickly.  In about 90 minutes, they were cleaned and on ice.



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