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November 29, 2012

Fish do not have a chance with a Lowrance on your boat

Grandson Garrett and I were hand fishing for channel catfish.

We stopped at a spot, threw out the chum and waited

on the catfish to find the chum.

The Lowrance electronics showed lots of fish

seven to twelve-foot deep in thirty-one foot water.

We thought the fish might be crappie,

so we fished with a crappie jig.

No luck!

They could be catfish suspended at that shallow depth,

so we used our catfish bait.

No luck!

The fish could be bass or bar fish,

so we fished with a spoon.

No luck.

They could be bream,

so we fished with small pieces of a Coot gizzard.



The fun began.

We started catching really nice bream.

Why is this large school of bream suspended

over deep water is unknown.

And their location would have never been known

without the Lowrance.

November 20, 2012

my fishing buddy

The trip to Papaw’s was supposed to be a hunting visit.

But we had time for a cat  fishing trip.

December 27, 2011

a nice weekend with a grandson

I tried to explain to the kid, that they should pay attention to their elders and they might learn to catch a big fish.


The kid said that sometime an old dog might learn a new trick from a kid

and now get the net.


It was just a little larger than my fish smarty pants.


While I was cleaning and cooking fish, the kid was squirrel hunting.


and then he pigged out on fried cat fish


and then a dog squirrel hunting trip with his buddy, Marvin.


Then deer hunting early the next morning in a nice big cozy heated box stand.


So much for hunting, time for a nap


a nice weekend with a grandson

December 24, 2011

cat fishing with neighbor

Johnny with a nice blue catfish


two of our larger blue cat


nice mess of catfish

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