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August 2, 2011

Busy Day

The day started with Lukie helping me pick peas.


then gathering cucumbers.


Before taking a walk on our nature trail,

we had to “zero in” the BB gun

just in case we saw a rabbit.

The guys learned the names of several trees and shrubs.

They learned that a Sweet Gum tree actually produced chewing gum.

They learned that the bulb on a “saw briar” was used to carve a pipe for their great, great grandfather.

They learned to identify “goat week” (wooly croton) by feeling of the soft leaves

and how the seeds can feed the birds.

They learned that their great, great grandfathers use “wax myrtle” to rid their dogs of fleas.

They learned that a black gum twig was used as a tooth brush.

We caught a lizard and they got to examine his feet and toes.

We tried to learn the difference between Poison Ivy and Muscadine vines.

They learned why squirrels chew on green pines cones (for the seed).

and the nature tour was over…


After lunch it was time to ride the 4 wheeler.


And then in the cool of the day (2PM /104*) it was time to swing.


and swing


and swing


then it was time to hook up the boat for tomorrow’s fishing trip….at 5:30am



I bet all of you will sleep good!!

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January 24, 2011

Little Dribblers

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On Saturday afternoons the Little Dribblers show their stuff.

Luke brings some toys to play with rather than watching the game.


There are two games going at the same time.

Lots of boys and girls participate in this church sponsored youth program


They do not keep score but today Brett was the leading scorer for his team.


These games start at 9am, last one hour and continue most of the afternoon.


Brett has become a good passer.


And he is tired at end of game.

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