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September 11, 2015

There are good people……

I received this email from one of our daughters and decided to publish it without her knowledge or permission.   She is employed at a public school as a Counselor.  I’m not soliciting money or supplies for her students, but simply to relay a story that “there are good people…” and a lot of them regardless what you see or read about in the news.   So when you hear the cry of the needy, please be generous.

Every year before school, I buy lots of supplies while they are on sale. We have so many students who have nothing. Also, we have two group/foster homes in our zones. Those students situations are really bad. When one of those comes in, I give them a backpack with the supplies they need. Their life is hard enough and I don’t want them to be even more embarrassed when they don’t even have a pencil and paper to take notes. Also, I always hit up my friends for their kids used backpacks. I wash them and then pass on to needy students (with the supplies I’ve purchased).

We have had tremendous growth this year. What usually lasts me most of the year is already gone.

I posted on Facebook a few days ago for friends to look and see if they have old backpacks laying around. I got many messages (from local friends) saying they’d bring me some.

John XXXXXX messaged me saying he’d sent me some money via PayPal to purchase backpacks. He said he didn’t have old backpacks to donate, but he wanted to help. I looked in my Paypal account and he had sent $200!  Right away I placed an online order through Academy. I got 20 backpacks for $203.59. Then, without telling me he was doing it (and I sure didn’t ask him to), he posted on his Facebook that he was trying to help a friend who was trying to help students. His post said if any of his friends wanted to help, just send him a private message and he’d give them the info.

Within an hour, I started getting emails from PayPal that a deposit had been made into my account. I will send all the ‘senders’ receipts for what I purchase. I was overwhelmed…almost in tears.

Then today at work, I get a call from the receptionist telling me that a representative from YMCA was there to see me. I was confused because I knew I didn’t have any meetings or whatever. I walked downstairs and the YMCA gentleman told me someone had let them know YESTERDAY about my needs, so they gathered some supplies and backpacks for me. I was thinking a couple packs of paper, pens, and a backpack or two. I followed him outside. He has a bus load FULL of stuff for me. (A short bus, but still a bus load!!)). I was in such shock. I gathered about 6 big boys and it took almost an hour to unload the bus and haul it to the fourth floor.

See, there are good people out there!!”

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