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February 10, 2012

Day for making deer sausage

Pork mixed with venison and pork fat.

Seasoned with Brookshire Brothers sausage seasoning

and touch of black pepper, sage and crushed red pepper.


now thru the meat grinder


then thru the stuffer


fifty pound of sausage on the smoker


Once cooked, sausage will be removed, washed and into refrigerator over night.

Once cooled they’ll be cut into links.


and vaccum sealed.

And then to the grand-kids

November 11, 2011

One day Vension and then Deer Sausage

We can’t have deer sausage without a deer.


We mix venison and pork 50/50.


Just about finished..


Our deer sausage eaters

and they love’m.

September 29, 2011

the grand-kids love our deer/pork smoked sausage

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the deer and pork have gone through the grinder after being seasoned.

after stuffing into hog casing, the link sausage is placed on the pit.


after about four hours on the pit, the sausage are ready.

they will be washed, cooled, cut into small links

and put into quart zip locks for freezing.

once frozen, the sausage will be disbursed to the grand-kids

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