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November 29, 2013

Bobcat Pelt


A neighbor killed this bobcat while deer hunting

and gave it to our 13-year-old grandson.

First chore was to skin the cat,

then he took a needle and thread

to mend the holes created by the bullet.

He then put pelt on wire stretcher to dry.

Once dry and “fleshed”,  he put it on a curing board.

You’ll notice yellow TPWD tag attached to head of bobcat.

Now he tries to locate “fur buyer”.

The traditional fur buying markets of Russia and Greece

are now competing with Hong Kong/China

which are driving prices to near all time high.

At one sale in last season over 400,000 Raccoon sold at an overall average of $31.20,

compared to $16.90 last year, an increase of over 80%

according to North America Fur Auctions.

At one auction in 2012,

Bobcat pelts sold at averages of $68 – $380, with the top fur bringing $1,275.

Here kitty, kitty, kitty.

February 5, 2013

game camera photo of bobcat


It has been the year of the Bobcat on our lease.

We have seen several.

On one trip, we saw three in one group.

These guys are large enough to take down a deer.

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