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July 7, 2015

Farm Pond Bass


April 17, 2015

Really nice bass caught by really nice grandson


He caught this momma off of her spawning bed.

Got a picture and then released her.

February 7, 2013

I carry only one bass lure – The Spoon


Electronics today nearly makes it unfair to the fish.



When you see them,

just stop and drop a spoon.

This is a solid four pound plus healthy black bass.

In this spot, I caught several bass this size and a couple in the five pound class.



You never know what kind of fish.



In the case, it was a school of hybrid bass or Yellow Bass

which we call a ‘barfish’.



I did not stop to catch these fish due to boat nearby.

Notice two large schools of shad with several bass or barfish

holding between them.



The hump had shad laying off to one side with

largemouth black bass on top.



This spot had a bunch of small bass.



Probably another school of small bass.



Yep some smaller healthy bass.


All fish were released.

Years ago, my dad and I spent many hours

spoon fishing.

It was a challenge to locate the fish.

Once located, they were easy to catch.

When scouting for bass in heavy brush,

we would take the hook off of our spoon

which made it much easier to cover more area

without hanging up.

Once we had a strike,

we would change rods which was equipped

with a spoon with a hook.

April 24, 2012

Big Man ::: Small Fish


This small black bass was released.

October 8, 2011

bass were biting today

nice plastic worm bass


another black bass taken on red bug Zoom worm


and finally a small mouth bass

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