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April 23, 2013

Caught a 30# Carp while Strolling for Crappie

(This fish was caught by my good friend, Albert Nunez.   He 
tells us the story of how the fish was caught and released.)
 "I caught this fish Easter weekend Sunday afternoon in Mill Creek 
while Crappie fishing with a friend.  The fish hit a 1/16 oz. black 
and Chartreuse Shiny Hinny jig while strolling for Crappie. 
Using a 7' Sam Heaton crappie rod, rigged with a Diwa spinning reel, 
strung with 6lb. P-line., it took between 15 to 20 minutes to land
 the fish. About half way through the fight the fish came close to 
the surface and my friends statement was I need a bigger net.
 After landing the fish we ran to my friend's house to take pictures.
 He could not believe that I caught the fish on 6lb. line. 
Use P-line is all I could tell him. I do not know what the fish weighed,
 probably around 30lbs.+, all the scales we had were not big enough. 
 I released the fish at my friends dock and after a few minutes in 
the water she swam off."

albert_carp                 Asian Carp, Grass Carp, Chinese Carp
The Toledo Bend Lake record is 53.5 pounds which is also the State of 
Texas Record.
Most likely this fish would have be a 6 Pound Line Class World Record.
Notice that Albert said they were "Strolling for Crappie".  Strolling has
become a very popular method of crappie fishing on Toledo and a very 
effective method of catching crappie.   Fishermen who troll use
the outboard motor. Fishermen who stroll use the electric troll motor.
Strolling seems to keep your lure in the pay zone longer than casting 
and retrieving. In areas free of brush, you can use more than one rod
with various lure colors and weights.

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