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August 15, 2013

On The Bright Side – Mary Howell

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Things We Leave Behind – the life we live, the joy we give, the words we say, the tolls we pay…these are the things we leave behind.  I have often sat in the audience as my father attempted to speak words of comfort to loved ones who were left behind with regrets and tears of grief.  Perhaps the failure to express love to others while they live is one of the greatest sorrows a person can face.  The words “I wish I had told him how much I cared” often bring years of regret and grief.


The things we leave behind along life’s way may have a lasting effect on friends and relatives.  Disobeying children leave parents with a broken heart. Drunkards often leave their family with a broken home.  Murderers and violators of the law pay the toll for the crimes they commit, leaving loved ones in torment and shame. Whether we choose to live a God-honoring life or a life of sin, our day-to-day actions have a lasting impression on those around us.


As we grow older, we leave many things behind including childhood days, childish ways, night-time fears, and teenage years.  Friends and classmates come into your lives and then we leave them behind as the stages of life unfold before us.  Career and marriage often cause us to leave home and family behind.


The words we say, the places we go and the deeds we do leave memories, which bring either joy or sadness to our hearts. Harsh words often rob us of a sweet friendship we once knew.  The places we go may lead someone astray or cause others to lose confidence in us.  The kind and thoughtful deeds we do may brighten the day for someone, while a careless and harmful deed may leave behind years of regret and sorrow to those we love.


Each of us makes a contribution to society, leaving behind something of value for future generations. Scholars leave behind words of wisdom and truth which shape lifestyles.  Builders leave a humble dwelling or a gigantic skyscraper.  Craftsmen leave behind a work of art or a monument to behold.  Statesmen leave behind laws and guidelines to live by each day.  Musicians leave behind a song for the world to sing.  Homemakers leave a loving family and a happy home.



Whether large or small, our achievements will be among the things we leave behind.  When we build new schools, churches, and community facilities, we are touching tomorrow today by the things we leave behind for the betterment of future generations.


A warm smile, a loving heart, a tender touch, an outstretched hand…these are the things I want to leave behind.  The words I write from week to week may be the only legacy I will leave behind.  It is my prayer that the words I write might in some small way inspire someone to try a little harder and to look at life on the bright side, leaving behind a ray of sunshine and a gift of love.


Lives would be richer, days brighter, and the world sweeter, if each of us took a brief moment each day to determine the things we leave behind.


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