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July 12, 2013

On The Bright Side – Mary Howell

Filed under: Mary Howell — Freddie Keel @ 6:05 am


A few weeks ago, my friend and her 80+ year old husband drove several hundred miles and crossed three states to attend their granddaughter’s high school graduation.


Their trip had been planned for several months and they looked forward to spending time with their children and grandchildren.


After traveling two days, my friends were a bit tired and wanted to feel comfortable and have a time of conversation with their family.


To their disappointment, their grandchildren did not have time to visit with their grandparents. They were too busy texting their friends and talking to their boyfriends and girlfriends on their cell phones.


The grandparents were so heartbroken and finally, my friend had all she could take!  She gave her grandchildren a royal “talking to” about children disrespecting their elders.


These days, things like that happen in hundreds of families.  Children do not show respect and love for their parents or grandparents.


Texting and the abuse of cell phones have probably caused thousands of

fatalities just because the drivers were not paying attention while they were driving and talking.


More and more businesses are putting restrictions on their employees concerning the use of cell phones.


Although cell phones are a way of keeping in touch with loves ones in a quick and easy way, they can be abused and cause problems.


Let us be careful and thankful for today’s technology but let us also be careful so our days will be on the bright side.


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