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July 6, 2013

They just miscounted.

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Iowa Couple Charged with 332 White Bass Over Limit

A Davenport couple was charged Tuesday, with three counts of being over possession of white bass after an anonymous call to the local conservation officer.

Jeremy Nguyen and Chi Hue Tran were fishing the Mississippi River near the casino in downtown Davenport on May 17. The informant said the couple would be catching white bass, and then every so often they would take their catch to their vehicle and return to fishing. The alleged activity occurred over a 2 to 3 hour period.

The daily bag limit for white bass in the Mississippi River is 25, with a possession limit of 50 per angler.

Ed Kocal, state conservation officer with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, along with Officer Barry Peiffer from the Davenport Police Department, met the couple at their residence where Kocal found 128 recently caught white bass in process of being filleted, and 218 whole white bass and 628 white bass filets from their freezer.

The couple faced $8,300 fines each for being 166 fish over their limit.

Kocal consulted with Allen Havercamp with the Scott County Attorney’s Office before charging the couple with three counts each of being over possession for white bass and assessing them each a civil penalty of $2,500 for being 50 fish over their limit.

If convicted on all three counts, each will lose their fishing privileges for two years.


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