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May 10, 2013


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Bassmaster Magazine just released its list of the 100 best bass fishing lakes in America. Listed below are the top ten lakes for bass fishing in 2013.

  1. Lake St. Clair, Michigan
  2. Sam Rayburn Reservoir, Texas
  3. Clear Lake, California
  4. Lake Guntersville, Alabama
  5. Lake Erie, Michigan/Ohio/New York/Pennsylvania
  6. Chickamauga Lake, Tennessee
  7. Falcon Lake, Texas
  8. Lake Okeechobee, Florida
  9. San Joaquin Delta, California
  10. Toledo Bend Reservoir, Texas/Louisiana

Now we can expect a rush of fishermen to zero in on the best place we have know about for many years and mess up our honey holes. I know the local business owners will be overjoyed to have increased sales. In reality our local fishermen will have to contend with a lot more boat traffic and probably a bunch of Yankee bass rustlers that prey on finding the best place to fish.


Bassmasters, you should be ashamed of yourself. It now it will not be a secret that Sabine County Texas actually has shoreline on #2, Sam Rayburn and the entire middle shoreline on #10, Toledo Bend. Both lakes can be fished within less that 30 miles of travel.

Toledo Bend is some 80 miles long and is bordered on the east and jointly owned by the States of Texas and Louisiana. That means our Louisiana neighbors will also face the coming invasion of foreign bass fishermen.

Everyone should take note that Texas has three of the top ten lakes in America.

Last year Bassmasters developed the list by asking every state’s Department of Natural Resources (sometimes it was the wildlife agency) to give them catch rates, population studies and stocking schedules for all the fisheries they managed. They sent the list to B.A.S.S. Nation presidents and conservation directors to rank each of these bodies of water based on the tournaments they held. Then they had a panel of Elite Series pros, outdoor writers and industry professionals finalize the lakes list and rankings.

This process made last year’s list solid, but not bulletproof. This year, they added another very important step to the ranking system. They sent the list created by the DNR data to not only the B.A.S.S. Nation leadership, but also 3,500 B.A.S.S. members throughout the U.S., as well. They asked these avid anglers to tell us which fisheries should be deleted and which lakes should be added to the list, and then to rank the lakes in their respective regions. The response was unbelievable, and the data collected helped legitimize the ranking of each body of water.


Now that our secret has been made public, we Sabine County Texans and our neighbors in Sabine Parish Louisiana must welcome these folks with open arms. They can enjoy some great Gumbo or a chicken fried steak and mashed potato’s and not have to travel ten miles when they fish Toledo Bend at the middle of the lake.

Y’all folks come on down and enjoy some real championship Bass “fishin.”


(article written by good friend Grumpy – http://clydebrewer.us/)




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