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May 2, 2013

On The Bright Side Mary Howell

Filed under: Mary Howell — Freddie Keel @ 5:55 am


Millions of Americans will gather at various places this week in the United States to pray for America tomorrow, May 2 which has been designated as the National Day of Prayer.


Sabine countians of all religious denominations will join in a special prayer gathering at 12 noon Thursday at the Sabine County courthouse.


The 2013 theme for the National Day of Prayer is “Pray for America”.  If there was ever a time in the history of our nation we need to “Pray for America”, it is NOW!


When our nation began more than 200 years ago, our founding fathers sought to base our government upon Christian principles. They sought God’s will in the writing of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights which guaranteed freedom based on the Ten Commandments,  Today it seems that America has drifted away from seeking God’s will for our nation.  Let us remember to “Pray for America” and our government officials all the way from the nation’s capital to the Sabine County Courthouse and from the White House to the Sabine County city halls.


Let us “Pray for America” and the Supreme court that the justices will interpret the law of the land according to Christian principles.  Let us remember to “Pray for America” and our congress that senators and representatives will seek God’s Will in making laws for us to follow.


Let us remember to “Pray for America” and our president that he will be the leader that God would have him to be.


Let us “Pray for America” our state government, our schools and churches that each of us will seek God’s will for the future of America.


Let us “Pray for America” that its families and friends will return to God in our daily lives and pray that we will have a life on the bright side.


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