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March 7, 2013

On The Bright Side – Mary Howell – March 7, 2013

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March brings thoughts of spring time.  Winter is just about over the e days become warmer and sunny.  March has always had 31 days even though the calendars have changed through the years. 


The Georgean calendar shows that March is the third month of the year.  But according to the early Roman calendar, it was the first month and was called Martius. The ancient Romans later named January as the beginning of the year and March became the third month on the calendar.  March’s name honors Mars, the Roman God of war.


In North America, the animals came out from their winter hibernation and birds began migrating from the south.


Sports lovers from the northern states come to Texas and other southern states to enjoy the spring time weather.  Toledo Bend Reservoir lake and Sam Rayburn bring thousands of visitors to East Texas to enjoy fishing and boating.


The flower for March is the violet.  When my sister, Jane and Clara and I were young, our favorite springtime outing was to go to Pine Park and pick bouquets of beautiful violets.  Our mother would prepare a picnic lunch and we would pick pretty purple violets and yellow daisies during our afternoon of fun.


Some important historical events which occurred during March include the patenting of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876.  Eli Whitney patented the cotton gin in 1794.  Patrick Henry, according to tradition, declared “Give me liberty or give me death” in 1775 In March. 


Famous people who were born during March include Presidents Andrew Jackson, James Madison and Grover Cleveland.  Sam Houston, Alexander G. Bell, Knute Rockne, Michelangelo, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Oliver Wendell Homes, Albert Einstein and David Livingston and Johann Sebastian Bach were all born in March.


One of my favorite things to do in March was to collect money for the March of Dimes to prevent birth defects.  During my years at Hemphill Elementary School, my classmates and I were encouraged by our teachers to save our dimes to give to children who were less fortunate than we were.


March Quote

The year’s at the spring

And Day’s at the morn,

Gods in His Heaven

All’s right with the world.


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