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February 21, 2013

On The Bright Side – Mary Howell – 2/21/13

Filed under: Mary Howell — Freddie Keel @ 5:56 am


Money will buy just about anything in the world these days. The more money people have, the more things they can buy.


Everything seems to have a price tag these days.  How much money we have, determines how much we can spend.


We work all our lives for a paycheck either from week to week or from month to month to provide money for our physical subsistence.  But money does not buy everything. Money will not heal a broken heart or a broken relationship between friends or spouses.


Money will not erase harsh words spoken during an argument.  Money will not eradicate the hurt God feels when His name is taken in vain. 


Money will not buy happiness.  For some people, the more money they have, the more miserable their lives are.  Suicide takes the lives of wealthy people as well as poor people.


Money will buy a house but it will not buy a home.  Regardless of how elaborate a house is, it will not bring happiness to the family who dwells there.


Money will not buy hope or peace.  We can buy everything in the world, but hope and peace will not come as a result.


Money will not buy health.  People can have plenty of money to spend on doctors or days in the hospital but when it comes time for health to fail, money is no solution to health problems.


Money will not buy a ticket to Heaven.  No person takes a penny with them when death comes.  I heard the song “Give Me Jesus”.  The words “You can have the world but give me Jesus” found lodgement in my heart.  Jesus is the best thing we can have in our lives.   He will give us happiness, joy and peace during our lives and a home in Heaven for an eternity on the bright side.



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