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December 21, 2012

Three Tips If You’re Hunting from a Boat

Filed under: Fishing & Hunting — Freddie Keel @ 6:38 am

2 duck hunters in air boat

Tip 1: All motorized boats (including trolling motors), regardless of length, operating in Texas public water are required by law to have current registration.

Tip 2: Anyone born on or after September 1, 1993 must be certified in boater education to operate a boat.  Find out more about boater education and operator requirements.

Tip 3: Don’t be a carrier of invasive species. Clean, drain and dry your boat and your leaky decoys. It’s the law.

Leaky duck decoys and your boat could be causing you to unknowingly spread destructive invasive species. If you hunt waterfowl on Lake Ray Roberts and Lake Texoma, there’s a chance you could spread zebra mussels to other lakes that are currently free of the invasive species, according to TPWD’s Regional Inland Fisheries Director Brian Van Zee.

Any hunters moving from either of those lakes to another location should be sure to clean, drain and dry their boats and dry out their decoys between uses. A safer bet would be to not deploy leaky decoys at all.

Decoys are not in the water long enough for an adult zebra mussel to latch on to the exterior. But zebra mussel larvae (veligers) could be carried in the wet and humid interior. The good news: thoroughly draining and drying decoys destroys the larvae. Read more about this destructive invasive species’ presence in Texas and the laws to help control it. Thanks for helping protect Texas lakes.


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