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November 14, 2012

On The Bright Side Mary Howell

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Tomorrow, November 15, 2012 is designated as The Great American Smokeout which is sponsored by the American Cancer Society.  It is a day when smokers are encouraged to stop smoking with the hope that they can quit the smoking habit for days, months or years to come.


Tobacco usage is done in three different ways – chewing, inhaling and smoking.  All of these are detrimental to our health.  Chewing tobacco can cause oral cancer.  Many young men will suffer due to the chewing of tobacco.


Inhaling smoke is harmful to the lungs.  Secondary smoke is loaded with chemicals and toxins and can be as harmful as if it was inhaled.  Cigarette smoking is the top cause of death and disease that can be prevented.


Every cigarette that is smoked by a smoker causes the loss of 11 minutes of his life.  Smoking is a slow suicide.


Smoking causes fifty different disease, twenty of which are fatal. The more a smoker smokes, the more addicted he becomes.


If a pregnant woman smokes, her unborn child can suffer.  The child is subject of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  The pregnant woman is likely to suffer miscarriage and other bad effects.


Surgeons often ask a smoking patient to abstain from smoking for at least a week prior to surgery.  Smoking prohibits protein production which is necessary for healing.


Smoking can cause a patient to have emphysema, bronchitis or chronic obstructive lung disease.  Ninety percent of lung cancer is directly related to cigarette smoking.  Thirty percent of cancer fatalities are caused by smoking.  Smoking can also cause cancer of the mouth, bladder, kidney, stomach, esophagus larynx and pancreas.


I have many friends who smoke.  It breaks my heart to think that they are damaging their health every time they light up a cigarette.


Every day I see my friends at Hemphill Care Center struggle for breath and suffer from the smoking habit which now affects their daily living.


If you don’t light up, you can have a longer life on the bright side.


November 14, 2012

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