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October 11, 2012

On The Bright Side – Mary Howell – Oct 11, 2012

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Dear “John”,


Today is your 44th birthday.  I wish I could say Happy Birthday to you in person but that isn’t possible.


I well remember October 10, 1968 when you arrived as a healthy bouncing baby boy.  Your parents were so proud to have a son to carry on the family name.


You grew into an active toddler with your own personality.  You did cute tricks to make people laugh.  I remember one time after you had been to a circus, you dressed up in  a hat and played like you were a circus barker standing on a little stool.  Those of us who saw you, laughed and clapped.


You were excited to start school. You cared how you were dressed and your hair had to be in place.  You studied hard and made good grades until your life changed forever.  You loved to sing your favorite song, “You Light Up My life”.


When you were in the eighth grade, a teenaged boy introduced you to drugs.  As the years passed you relied on drugs and finally you got hooked.


You never got to graduate from high school.  You broke the law and went to prison after one of your friends talked you into stealing money from her grandmother. The girl went scott-free.


Your parents were devastated and broken-hearted.  They faithfully went to the prison to visit with you.


After you returned home, you went back to your old habits and a few years later, you returned to prison.


By this time you were an adult, married with a child to support.


You tried over and over to kick your habit.  You went to church and your family was proud to see a change in your life.


You had a vile temper and threatened the lives of those who loved you the most.


Almost four years ago, you disappeared off the face of the earth.  No one could find a trace of your whereabouts.  Your family and friends grieve every day.  Your parents and three beautiful daughters still go to bed every night wondering where you are and pray that you are alive and safe.

There has been no proof of your demise and no evidence that you are still alive.


I am writing this letter, praying that it will touch the lives of hundreds of “Johns” and “Jills” whose lives have been ruined by the habitual use of drugs.  I’m sure that hundreds of families share the same grief, not knowing where their loved ones are and wondering if they have food to eat, a place to sleep and clothes to wear.


It is my prayer that God will comfort these families whose lives have been damaged by drug abuse.  I pray that they know God’s love is never-ending.  God cares for them in their time of turmoil.


From:  Someone who cares.


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