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August 23, 2012

On The Bright Side – Mary Howell – August 23, 2012

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On The Bright Side

Mary Howell


America lost a beloved friend and respected television icon when Andy Griffith passed away at the age of 86.  Andy Griffith who played Andy Taylor on the Andy Griffith show won a place in the hearts of his viewers  The death of Andy Griffith on July 3, 2012 seemed to be the end of an era when life was simple and secure.


Born on June 1, 1926 in Mt Airy, North Carolina, Andy’s first career ambition was to be an opera singer. Later, he decided he wanted to become a Moravian preacher and enrolled as a pre-divinity student at University Of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. 


He became involved in drama and music and graduated with a degree in Music in 1949.  Griffith taught high school music for three years before starting his career as n entertainer.  A monologue “What It Was Was Football” was released in 1953 and became one of the most popular monologues of all times.


His career gave him many opportunities such as being on Broadway and acting in plays such as “No Time for Sergeants”, “Destry Rides Again”, “A Face In the Crowd”, The Steve Allen Show and others.


His popularity soared when he starred in the Andy Griffith show with Don Knotts as his deputy sidekick. Andy always played the “good guy” and always seemed “down to earth”.  He was like an old friend who came to visit in our homes every week.


Some of the shows that stand out in my mind are when Opie, played by Ron Howard shot a small bird with his  BB gun.  Andy’s simple psychology taught his  son and other viewers that guns are dangerous and life is not to be taken for granted.


Another show that brought laughter to my Daddy was when Don Knotts tried to sing a solo in the church choir.  Poor ole Barney couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket so Andy arranged to get a substitute to sing his solo for him.  He didn’t want to embarrass his friend.


Another show that made everyone laugh when Otis, the town drunk, would show up and would lock himself up in the Mayberry jail cell.


We can never forget Aunt Bee who won a place in Andy’s heart as his housekeeper and cook.  Regardless of what Aunt Bee cooked, Andy would always say “This is good”!


The Andy Griffith show lasted for eight years but after more than four decades, TV lovers still enjoy the simple life on Mayberry by watching the re-runs.


Andy Griffith made us smile and gave us a life on the bright side.



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