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July 24, 2012

Part II: Bye-Bye Raw Milk By: Tadpole’s Oldest Daughter

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Part II:  Bye-Bye Raw Milk

By:  Tadpole’s Oldest Daughter

Our country’s health has declined tremendously since the industrial revolution.  Life expectancy has increased, but this is due to fewer females dying from childbirth, brilliant surgeons and drugs that treat life-threatening conditions such as diabetes; as well as other factors.

Even though life expectancy has increased, overall health has taken a nosedive.  Just go to your local Wal-Mart and watch people from the children to the seniors.  Many are obese and others have dull hair along with pasty looking skin.   We are sick physically and mentally.  According to NCHS Data on prescription drugs, about 10%-20% of US adults are now taking either anti-depressant or anti-anxiety drugs; which doesn’t factor illegal drug and alcohol abuse.  Our children are also taking mood-altering drugs at alarming rates.  We are the living ill.  Now is the time to take our health back because Obamacare will change our healthcare options.

I believe eating the traditional foods our grandparents enjoyed is key. One of these foods is raw milk. Our country drank raw milk until the industrial revolution. Raw milk even goes back to Old Testament times – “the land flowing with milk and honey.”  Why was raw milk a core food for thousands of years but dangerous now?

In the 1800s, the industrial revolution was hitting the US.  Workers were flocking to the city.  The demand for whiskey hit and distilleries popped up to supply.  This left spent grains with no use.  Soon, cows were confined adjacent to the distillery.  They were fed the hot, reeking swill left over from the whiskey-making process while being confined to filthy manure laden pens.  In addition, the cows were milked in unsanitary conditions and contaminated with deadly bacteria.  The milk was terrible and killed people.  In New York City during 1870 alone, infant mortality rocketed to around 20% and stayed there for many more years.

Mothers demanded clean milk, and upright local farms became certified which gave parents comfort knowing the milk met certain standards.  However, this milk cost up to four times the price of uncertified milk.  New York philanthropist Nathan Straus, who lost a child, to milk contaminated with diphtheria, felt differently. He was not on board with certified raw milk but believed the only safe milk was that which had been pasteurized.  He spent a fortune over 10 years promoting the pasteurization of milk.

Pasteurized and certified milks co-existed until the mid-1940’s.  In 1944, a concerted media campaign was launched with a series of slanted and agenda driven magazine articles designed to spark fear at the very thought of consuming raw milk.  Pasteurization was in, raw milk was becoming taboo.

Today raw milk is it making a comeback.  People are taking great risks to produce it and purchase it.  In some states, it is illegal so people are transporting it across state lines and receiving high penalties when caught.  What is driving people to take these risks and go to this much trouble?  And what is driving government crackdowns?

Next – Part III:  Why people are demanding raw milk

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  1. In this post, I mentioned life span increased. Please let me clarify that this increase was post industrial revolution. Now the life span has decreased. I thought this quote from Jamie Oliver was thought provoking:

    “I profoundly believe that the power of food has a primal place in our homes that binds us to the best bits of life. We have an awful awful reality right now. America, you’re at the top of your game, this is one of the most unhealthy countries in the world.

    The adults of the last four generations have blessed our children with the destiny of a shorter lifespan than their own parents. Your child will live a life ten years younger than you, because of the landscape of food we’ve built around them.

    The statistics of bad health are clear, very clear.”

    I don’t agree with all of Jamie Oliver’s recommendations, but I love his food passion. Here’s a link to a video: http://kellythekitchenkop.com/2012/07/america-youre-on-top-of-your-game.html

    Comment by Kris — July 24, 2012 @ 7:05 am | Reply

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