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July 21, 2012

Raw Milk or Marijuana? By: Tadpole’s oldest daughter Part I

Raw Milk or Marijuana?

By:  Tadpole’s oldest daughter

Part I

We have three diary goats that provide our family with raw milk.  Friends frequently ask to buy raw milk and cheese.  I respond that I could sell them marijuana with less legal risk.  It is true.

Governmental authorities are cracking down on illegal sales of raw milk throughout the country.  It is illegal to sell milk unless you are licensed.  A small producer has to have the same license as a large producer.  The facilities cost at least $30,000 for a start-up to be in compliance with all the regulations, even if you have 3 milk goats.

The sales regulations vary state to state.  In Texas, only pasteurized milk is legal for distribution unless it is sold at the farm.  A licensed farm can sell raw milk in Texas, but the customer must purchase the milk at the farm location.  You will not find raw milk legally sold at a farmer’s market or any grocery store in Texas.

Customers are demanding this product and willing to pay a premium.  To purchase raw dairy legally in Houston, the closest farm to downtown is approximately 40 miles in traffic.   The demand is so great; some of these farms have a waiting list.  The raw goat milk price starts at $12.75 / gallon and goes up.

As a result, an illegal underground market has developed.  I never thought I’d need a law degree to become a farmer, but I think it is becoming a perquisite.  I explain to my friends that it is illegal for me to sell to them, but not illegal for them to purchase from me.

If little Johnny gets sick from my milk, they have no risk reporting me for criminal activity.  If they sued in civil court, they’d come out like bandits.  On the other hand, if I juiced some marijuana leaves and they knowingly purchased marijuana-flavored raw milk, the product would be illegal for both of us.  I doubt they’d call the police if little Johnny became sick from drinking marijuana flavored raw milk because they’d have a visit from CPS and other authorities. And no jury would award them a settlement against me because they were in violation of the law for buying and using this illicit product.  I haven’t touched potential criminal penalties under each scenario, but I think this makes my point.

There is a war in this country on many fronts.  One is food and raw milk is the poster child product.  You can go to the store and buy Twinkies, coke, and a pack of cigarettes.  But the authorities and experts are protecting you from raw milk.  This is another form of control over the American people.  It is not about health, rather like most issues… it is about economics and protecting the interests of the big guy.

The government does not care about our health but serves special interests.  The dictocrats also have more control over sick people than a healthy vibrant population.  A healthy citizenry does not demand government health care and prescription drug coverage.  If we are sick, then we need expensive drugs that line more pockets of big companies and we can be taxed to death so everyone has medical care.

I am thankful for the lifesaving drugs available in this country, but also think that many are around because of health conditions directly tied to our food supply and environment.  This food supply is driven by farm aid given to mega-producers, big corporate food conglomerates and regulations designed to drive small farms out of business.

Next – Part II:  USA says bye-bye to raw milk


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