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July 10, 2012

The 2012 Election will not change our direction – Part I By: Tadpole’s Oldest Daughter

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The Obama presidency has caused many conservatives sleepless nights.  Government has been expanded and individual liberties have been tightened.  I keep hearing “WE HAVE TO VOTE OBAMA OUT OF OFFICE!”  Even if we vote Obama out, I do not see the trajectory of our country changing.  Obama didn’t get us to this place, he just put the car in 5th gear while behind the wheel and kept in the same direction we’ve been going.  If others take control, the pace of destruction may be slowed, but the direction will remain, based on history repeating itself.

I used to be a Republican and voted pretty much straight ticket since I was 18.  Looking back, I think I have been wrong in my thinking.  I didn’t understand history and thought the right man in office would change our country for the better.  I no longer put this much trust in government to make my world a better place.

Our decline started about 100 years ago, but just take a look at the recent history of Republican presidents.  They where at the helm when much of the mess was created.  The Democrats did their share and more, but I’ll not focus on them because we know they want federal expansion and liberal values legislated.  Rather, this is highlighting the republican government expansion to illustrate a new president will not make that much difference.

Year after year, the republican party promises to lower taxes, less regulation, free markets, conservative supreme court appointments and pro-life / pro-family government.  This has not happened.   Below is brief summary of Republican presidents during my lifetime.  Note it doesn’t highlight some of their positive contributions or good/bad foreign policy decisions.  Rather it points out their contribution to government expansion, theft taxation and continued legacy of liberalism through Supreme Court justice decisions.

Nixon:  He is the president who cut the tie of the gold standard to the dollar.  This opened the floodgates for the fed to print money and our government to borrow at catastrophic levels.  He indexed Social Security to inflation, which, along with increased Medicare spending, helped boost government benefits from 6.3 percent of the Gross National Product (GNP) to 8.9 percent over the course of his administration.

Nixon also signed the National Environmental Policy Act, the Clean Air Act of 1970, and the Federal Water Pollution Control Act amendments of 1972.  By executive order, he established new government agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and signed the bill establishing OSHA.

When the Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade in 1973, seven justices ruled in favor. Three (Warren Burger, Lewis Powell, and Harry Blackmun) were Nixon appointees.

Ford:  Ford served a partial term and during this time used his veto pen to hold back spending during an inflationary period.  In October 1974, Ford proposed an anti-inflation plan called Whip Inflation Now, which called for tax hikes combined with reductions in federal spending.   However, government spending went up and there was a budget deficit every year.  He also expanded the government by allocating millions of federal dollars to the Education for All Handicapped Children Act of 1975, which established special education throughout the United States.

His only appointment to the Supreme Court was Justice Stevens, considered to be one or our most liberal judges.

Reagan:  After Ford we have Reagan – the ‘pope’ of conservatism.  Reagan did cut taxes during his first year in office. However, after 1981, Reagan raised taxes nearly every year: 1982, 1983, 1984, and 1986.   The national debt increased from $700 billion to $3 trillion.  This led to the U.S. moving from the world’s largest international creditor to the world’s largest debtor nation. The 1983 payroll tax hike helped fund Medicare and Social Security.  In 1986, Reagan passed the Immigration Reform and Control Act, which eventually granted amnesty to 2.7 million illegal immigrants.

Reagan nominated Sandra Day O’Connor and Anthony Kennedy to the Supreme Court. Both voted to uphold Roe v. Wade.

George H.W. Bush:  “Read my lips, no new taxes.”  Bush’s final budget increased the marginal tax rate, phased out exemptions for high-income taxpayers, and kept the capital gains tax in place.  He was also a bailout president with the savings and loan scandal.  He pushed for additional funding to the IMF.

Bush increased welfare and provided additional benefits to jobless workers. He worked to raise federal spending on education, childcare, and the national highway system. He reauthorized the Clean Air Act and even signed the Immigration Act of 1990, a law that increased legal immigration to the U.S. by 40 percent.  Bush pushed for (and passed) a cap-and-trade system to staunch acid rain.

The debt was approximately $3 trillion when H.W. Bush took office, leaving it with  $4.2 trillion.  This is a 55% increase.

He appointed David Souter to the Supreme Court who voted to uphold Roe v. Wade.

G.W. Bush:  The compassionate conservative began his term with tax cuts, but by the end of Bush’s term, the national debt was up to $11 trillion—more than double what it was when he took office.  He pushed an unfunded $7 trillion Medicare drug-benefit program through Congress.  Medicare Part D may be the greatest expansion in America’s welfare state in forty years, before Obamacare.

No Child Left Behind helped drive an 18 percent annual increase in federal education spending.  By 2006, enrollment in 25 major federal programs—from Medicaid to Pell Grants—had increased 17 percent over 2000, while the population increased by just 5 percent over the same period.

He offered illegal immigrants amnesty—that is, a path to citizenship—in 2005.  It was on his watch we saw:

  • The housing bubble

  • FannieMae and FreddieMac problems

  • The largest government bailouts in world history – Wall Street and the auto industry.

Finally, he appointed Justice John Roberts who was the swing vote in supporting Obamacare.

Summary.  Recent history has shown that we’re on the same road no matter who is in office.  The liberals blame the mess they inherited from the conservatives, and vise versa.  This recap was not meant to blame all our problems on the conservatives.  Rather, it points out there is little difference in our government no matter who is in office.

More thoughts in Part II.


Tadpole’s Daughter Bio
Univ Houston Law Center:  J.D. 1999
ExxonMobil 1990 – 1996 (accounting, gas marketing)
Duke Energy 1996 – 2007 (electricity trader, legal/regulatory, business development M&A)
Homeschool Mom (2007) / Goat Farmer (2010) – current



  1. 1. “I do not agree that this administration,more specifically Barack Obama, is not operating to fundamentally
    change our form of government.”

    I agree with you. I too believe Obama is forcing our country towards a dictatorship. My point is that there were people labeled as conservatives in office before him who laid the groundwork for what is being reaped now. If he gets another term in office, we will probably not have another election. If Romney gets in office, the pace may be slowed, but I believe he will take us in the same direction.

    2. “I have studied both World and American History enough to compare where we are today and the relationship to where our present path is taking us . It is my opinion that Obama wants total control (Dictator) in order to implement his belief’s and what I believe to be his Muslim orientation.”

    I agree with your opinion.

    I see many similarities between our conditions and Nazi Germany. You can probably see them much more clearly than I because you lived through some of these. I believe times have to be very bad for a society to accept a dictator. It took years to erode our country’s values, strip liberties, and devalue the currency through debt. Carter, Clinton and other democrat leaders were very obvious in their participation. However, I didn’t see it in conservative presidents because I drank the Kool-aid believing they were what they said. My 401k was fine and life was pleasant, so I didn’t pay enough attention.

    I think there are many other naive conservatives like me who have or had a false hope in the Republican party. Obama is taking the ball as fast as he can down the field to win his game. But it took a like minded team to get him the ball and open space to run. The team has been working for at least 100 years.

    Comment by Kris — July 13, 2012 @ 7:45 am | Reply

  2. While I agree with some of your assessments I do not agree that this administration,more specifically Barack Obama, is not operating to fundamentally
    change our form of government. In my sixty(60) years of being eligible to vote,and yes, I was taught that it was every Americans duty to vote,I have not seen either reigning party use race and class to divide this country like the Democrats (Obama) are doing today.
    Though I have very little formal education, I have studied both World and American History enough to compare where we are today and the relationship to where our present path is taking us . It is my opinion that Obama wants total control (Dictator) in order to implement his belief’s and what I believe to be his Muslim orientation.
    Their are to many unanswered questions about this man that raise to many questions (too many to mention) for me to ever vote for him! It is not a question of Democrat/Republican as we know they (most) will do and say anything to stay in power.
    Furthermore it has always been my opinion to watch what our leaders actions are, not what they say! If further proof is needed as to Obamas agenda is to read some the books he has written and his associates from his past.
    To get a pretty good perspective as to why and where we could be headed I would suggest that everyone read “When Nations Die” by _ _ Black.

    Comment by Roger T. Shoemaker Sr. — July 12, 2012 @ 12:57 pm | Reply

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