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July 9, 2012

Texas Game Warden Field Notes

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  • Kenedy County Game Warden Jason Duke received information that a couple of large boats were catching and retaining more than the legal limit of red snapper out in the Gulf on the Kenedy/Willacy county line in state water.

Game Wardens Duke, Roy Martinez, and Dennis Gazaway set up on the east cut and soon made contact with one of the boats where the wardens found the anglers with eight very large red snapper over their limit.

Cases pending.

Wardens waited at the cut, stopping and checking additional boats as they returned from offshore, finding all of them to have exactly the legal limit. Cell phones and chatter on VHF radios probably had nothing to do with that.

  • While on vacation at Corpus Christi beach on June 12, Freestone County Game Warden Craig Hernandez witnessed a group of people pull a man from a hotel’s pool.

The man’s face was purple and he was not breathing.

Warden Hernandez immediately began chest compressions while a female from the hotel began rescue breathing.

After five minutes of CPR, the man began to breathe on his own, but stopped after about 30 seconds. Warden Hernandez and the female began CPR again until the fire department arrived.  The man was alive when he was taken by EMS.

  • Rockwall County Game Warden Clint Brown on June 16 arrested a Collin County man for Boating While Intoxicated.

On the way to the marina with the suspect, his boat and his friends, the suspect took off his personal flotation device and dove into the water.

Warden Brown called Dallas County Game Warden Martin Oviedo for assistance in trying to catch the man.

The suspect got away, but Warden Brown was still in possession of his boat, his friends, his ID, and the keys to his truck.

Warden Brown had the boat and truck towed for safe keeping.

Turns out, the suspect had warrants out for his arrest and added to the tally as a result of his actions.

Cases pending.

  • Dallas County Game Wardens Martin Oviedo and Jamie Sanchez were in the right place at the right time and acted without hesitation when, on June 19, they were crossing Lake Ray Hubbard on I-30 when they noticed a man standing on the causeway waving a long pole.

As the wardens were looking to see what he was doing, they noticed a boat that was sinking and saw people in the water.

The wardens stopped, climbed over the concrete barrier, made their way to the edge of the water and retrieved seven people from the water. Their boat had taken on water during a sudden severe storm.

The boaters were transported back to the boat ramp parking lot

  • Wood County Game Wardens Derek Spitzer and Kurt Kelley along with Rains County Game Warden Dewayne Noble, Van Zandt County Game Warden Steve Stapleton and Captain David Modgling worked the Skeeter Owners Bass Tournament on Lake Fork June 9-10

Five of the more than 1,650 anglers in the contest “won” felony criminal charges.

During the tournament, the five subjects were caught with illegal fish being brought to the weigh-in.

Two of the largemouth bass had their tails altered or “cut” to make them under the slot of 16 inches. Another bass, an 8-pounder, was caught on a crappie, a game fish illegal to use as bait.

All subjects wrote out and signed voluntary statements concerning their actions after being questioned by the wardens.

Five charges were filed with the Wood County DA’s office for fraud in a freshwater tournament, a third degree felony.

  • Montgomery County Wardens Brannon Meinkowsky and Bobby Apple on June 6 stopped an individual for operating an ATV in the San Jacinto River.

The subject claimed that his friend let him borrow the ATV but was unable to provide the friend’s name or address.

He went on to say that the friend had owned the ATV for about six months.

A check of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) found that the ATV had been reported stolen only three days earlier.

The subject was arrested for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, and the 2008 Kawasaki was seized.

Case pending.

  • Angelina County Game Wardens Phillip Wood, James Barge, and Tim Walker were patrolling Sam Rayburn Reservoir on June 17 when they stopped a boat to conduct a water safety inspection.

The driver failed to have a required PFD on board.

While speaking with the operator, wardens detected a strong odor of alcohol on his breath and person.

The driver stated he had consumed 10 beers.

After further investigation, the driver failed field sobriety tests and was arrested for Boating While Intoxicated, second offense.

Case pending.

  • Harris County Game Warden Kevin Malonson received a complaint June 18 from the Harris County Sheriff’s Department regarding a criminal mischief and deer poaching incident in Hockley.

After an altercation between two childhood friends took place, one of the subjects decided to retaliate against the other by going out in the early morning hours, poaching two white-tailed deer, cutting the carcasses open, placing one in the cab of his (former) friend’s truck and the other on the friend’s front porch.

Around lunch time and as the temperature rose to about 90 degrees, the deer were discovered by the home’s residents. The fast-decomposing and quite rank carcasses already had been discovered by vultures.

Warden Malonson tracked down the suspect who, after being interviewed, gave a written confession.

Case pending.

  • Game Wardens Albert Flores, Nichole Spatz and Lerrin Williams were on patrol when they observed a dead-in-the-water boat in the middle of the Aransas Channel with a barge bearing down on it, and the people in the boat frantically trying to get the wardens’ attention.

Wardens Flores, Spatz and Williams responded by tying their vessel on to the disabled vessel and towing it out of the barge’s path with only moments to spare.

The barge captain hailed the wardens on the VHF radio and thanked them for their quick response, stating that he would not have been able to stop in time to avoid a collision.

  • Grayson County Game Warden Dale Moses was patrolling Lake Texoma on June 11 and checked an Oklahoma fishing guide fishing in Texas waters.

When Warden Moses asked the guide how his box of fish was looking, the guide replied, “I’ve got too many – not total but (too many) big fish.”

Lake Texoma’s bag limit allows each angler to possess no more than two striped bass measuring more than 20 inches.

The guide’s ice chest held 16 20-inch or longer stripers, eight more than allowed for the four anglers on the boat.

Cases and civil restitution pending.


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