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July 8, 2012


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You never know when or where you might meet twins.  At the movies, at the grocery store, at church, or at the mall they may be found.  Most of the time they are dressed alike to further confuse the general public.  Remember the advertisement for “Double Mint” gum – “double the pleasure, double the fun with Double Mint gum”.  Of course, there were twin young ladies showing off a package of gum.

I recall meeting a set of twins in the summer of 1973 in Houston, Texas.  Unfortunately, the meeting was not planned, nor was it a positive situation.  At the time I was a deputy sheriff with the Harris County Sheriff department, on patrol with a partner along Little York Road.  This road was the northern city limit marker for the city of Houston from the East Texas Freeway west to Interstate 45.  The south side of the road was in the city of Houston, and the north side was Harris county territory.

We had ceased patrolling long enough to stop in at O’Neal’s Sinclair station at the corner of Aldine-Westfield and Little York Road to refuel our Plymouth patrol car.  O’Neal’s station was a “contract station” for the county’s vehicles for many years and he was a good friend of all the sheriff department personnel.  Mr. O’Neal always had a revolver strapped on his hip in plain view as a silent warning to those who would dare think of robbing him.  It was a good deterrent, as were the constant stream of county patrol cars.

On this particular evening, as we were completing the refueling task, a car drove up to us, the driver yelling in our direction, “See that old car there on Little York”, pointing to an old Chevrolet headed west.  “Yes, I see it, “ I replied.  “What’s the problem?”  The excited driver yelled, “He’s drunk as a skunk.  He almost ran me off the road!”  I waved at the citizen as we got into the patrol car while assuring him that we would go check out the driver.

Pulling our powerful Plymouth Fury out on Little York we sped up to the point that we could see the weaving Chevrolet a couple of blocks ahead.  We finally were close enough to pull him over to the shoulder of the road.  My partner walked up to the driver side, and I covered the passenger side.  Neither of us was quite ready for the sight that greeted us inside that vehicle.   The driver and passenger were identical twins, and both identically drunk.  There was a strange aroma in the vehicle – not cigarette smoke, cigar smoke, or pot, but a different smell.

After getting both men out of the vehicle, I examined the interior of the car while my partner put handcuffs on both of them.  I found several empty wine bottles on the back seat, and one about half empty on the front.  I spotted a couple of partially eaten sandwiches on the dash.  I picked one up and there it was, the strange smell.  I took a quick whiff and dropped the sandwich on the seat.

It turned out that these twins both worked at a butcher shop in north Houston.  They had made several sandwiches out of raw ground meat before leaving their store. I suppose it is like the man said once when he kissed a cow – everyone to his own taste.  Apparently raw meat between slices of white bread, washed down by wine, makes a good meal for some people.  However, you can’t prove it by me.

After placing both of them in the Humble jail, we headed for the restroom to wash the delicacy off our hands, but the smell lingered for the rest of our shift.  One just does not find twins like these two very often, for which I thank the good Lord.


About the Author

Neal Murphy resides in his birthplace, San Augustine, Texas, with his wife Clara. He has two children, Kay Fatheree, a pastor’s wife now living in Abilene, Texas, and Douglas Murphy, a police officer in North Carolina, and has five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Neal earned a bachelor of business administration degree from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas, and a master’s degree in insurance from the Insurance Institute of America. He also attended Baylor University in Waco, Texas, where he studied religion courses. He is a deacon at a Baptist Church, has taught Sunday school classes, and directed church choirs for many years. He began his writing in 2005, and many of his short stories about his life growing up in a small Texas town have been published in Reminisce Magazine, Good Old Days Magazine, Looking Back Magazine, and the Town Square Magazine. He had a story included in Memories of Mother, a book published by Xulon Press. Another story was published in the book Dear Old Golden School Days published by the DRG Publishing Group. He published a book, From the Heart of a Country Preacher, by Xulon Press in 2006. His second book entitled Those Were the Days was published by Xlibris Inc. in 2007. In 2008 he published another book, The Psalms—From the Heart of a Country Preacher, by Xlibris Inc. He is a founding member of the Deep East Texas Literary Guild of San Augustine, Texas, founded in 2009. He has weekly stories in the San Augustine Tribune and the Toledo Chronicle, an online newspaper. He has a monthly story in the Shelby County Today online newspaper.

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