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March 3, 2012

Today’s the anniversary of my World Record

This is a photo of my dad (J. W. Keel) and me.  I’m holding a Freshwater Drum that is a World Record (10# line class).  I caught this fish while fishing with my dad on 3/3/95 on Toledo Bend Lake near Hemphill, Texas.

Here is the complete story.

My dad and I were bass fishing on a cold (31*) and windy day.   At this of year, we always caught lots of pre spawning  bass in 16 to 20 foot just off the end of underwater points.  Our favorite lure was a lead headed jig with a 2” watermelon grub with tail dyed red.  We found the spinning reels with light line provided more strikes.

We would locate the underwater structure with our Lowrance electronics and mark with a buoy.  Then we would position boat up-wind and drift across underwater point casting lure downwind.  On this particular day, the conditions were just right other than the blustery wind.  We were catching lots of real nice bass.  This type fishing also would yield a fair number of  ‘gasper  gou’ (fresh water drum).  We were releasing the black bass keeping the ‘gou’ for a family that loved to eat them.

On one drift, I took the slack line from a cast only to discover a heavy thump and immediately set the hook.  Fresh water drum would try to sound on the bottom and this big momma was not exception.  Dad ask, “Son whatta got?”  “It’s another gou”.  “Well let me know when you need the net”.  The boat was drifting rather fast and my line was getting under the boat.  Eventually, the big gou came sliding from under the boat and I thought dad was going to fall off his seat trying to get the net.  After he netted the fig fish and put him in our live well, he just kept saying, “Son that is one big gou and I don’t recall ever seeing one that large”.

We kept fishing and caught lots of bass that day and probably kept a half-dozen fresh water drum.  Once we got home, we got this photo and weighed the fish on some scales.  Dad suggested we take the fish up to the ‘minnow store’ as Mike had certified scales.  So Mike weighed it at 31.8 pounds.   He ask what we were going to do with the big fish and other gou.  Since it was getting late, we just gave him all the fish which he put in one of his vats.

The next day, Mike called to report that the fish might be a World Record.  Once we left the fish with him, he had called a Texas Game Warden who came to see the fish and later verify the weight and measurement.  Hey, I’m thinking since this might be a world record I will stop by to get the fish and have it mounted.  I mention this to Mike and the conversation comes to a stop as he says, “you told me you that you did not want the fish so I gave them to a black gentlemen who cleaned and ate them”.  So much for a world record fish.

I filled out the forms and sent 25 feet of my 12# Stren to Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame, Hayward, WI.  They tested the line which broke at an average of 10.4 pounds thus it was declared a 10# Line Class World Record.

It sure would have made a beautiful mount!  But then it probably made a nice meal!

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