Tadpole's Outdoor Blog

January 14, 2012

Boating Mishap

I had an experience on Toledo Bend Lake a few days ago. I was never in any danger but stranded. I was crappie fishing and idling from one spot to the next when I ran upon a stump. The stump was just barely under water and I centered it. You can not back off so I gunned the motor trying to run over the stump. That did not work as I lodged with the stump about ten inches from the transom. The four-stroke is one heavy motor. I killed engine and trimmed it up. Then I went to the front of the boat thinking my weight might float the back of the boat. Nope, that did not work. I tried rocking from side to side. Nope, that did not work.  Nearest tree stump was about twelve feet away and could not reach it. I carry an anchor for the exact situation. Thinking I’ll throw it and it will hang giving me something to pull against. Nope, that did not work. No other boats in area that might help. But I’m not in danger unless I do something silly like falling out of boat or falling in boat. I carry lots of extra rope. So if I can become a cowboy and lasso that stump at twelve feet I might be able to pull myself off the stump. Roy Rogers could have accomplished the task with the first try. It took me four attempts. Ok, got the stump lassoed. Now while trying to pull boat off submerged stump and when standing on deck I was pulling myself off front of boat. That did not work. Ok, got down in bottom of boat and tugged. Nope, hung up and hung up good. Small rope but strong. So I wrapped the rope with a towel and put a mighty 71 yr old strain and she moved an inch. Time to reach down for that extra strength. I put mighty bind and holding that bind while rocking just little it moved some more. With one last heavy heave-ho she came sliding off the stump.

I lowered the motor and went back to fishing.



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