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November 3, 2011

On The Bright Side – Mary Howell 11/02/2011

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On The Bright Side

Mary Howell


I recently overheard a lady bluntly tell her friend “Folks, you’re going to have to move .” “That’s  my spot to sit.” Our friend quietly got up and walked across the room to another chair and sat down.


I had heard these words many times before but the latest demand tickled my funny bone even though my humerus had been broken a few weeks earlier.


As I thought about the incident, I wondered to myself.  Would the lady have asked Jesus to move out of her chair if He had suddenly returned to earth and made himself to be in human form.


My mind rambled on and I thought about many questions.


As Ark Linkletter often said,” People are funny ”.  We are all creatures of habit.  We don’t like for things to change or get in the way of what we are doing.  I thought if Jesus came back this week, what would He find us doing?


Would we be attending Sunday worship services and praising our Heavenly Father or would He find us enjoying a fishing trip.  Would Jesus be shocked to see us in a bar “drunk as a skunk?”  Or what would He think if He saw us on a date with our best friend’s spouse.


If Jesus came to your house and ate lunch at your table would you need to be reminded to say grace before eating?  Would you willingly show Him the cold drinks in your refrigerator?


Would you have to shuffle the newspapers off your dust-covered Bible, giving evidence that you had not read His Word lately?


Although my questions could go on an endless ride, I believe that whatever we are doing, we should be ready for Jesus to come back to Earth. 


Let us remember to live life on the bright side but also to live life on the right side.


November 2, 2011


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