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December 31, 2010


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Is there one special matter you have been praying about for a long time, with no apparent answer in sight? Are there times when you wonder if the answer will ever come?

How long does it take God to answer a prayer or prayers…  Of course when we pray for Patience we want it ‘right now’.  God is not Santa Claus or Room Service.

Think about these prayers:

Jacob was a father and surely his prayers were like most parents. “Lord protect and guide my love ones”.  We all know the story that his favorite son, “Joseph” was taken from him by his brothers and sold into slavery.  Jacob thought his son had been killed by wild animals.  In Jacob’s opinion, this certainly was not God answering his prayers to protect his love ones.   He might have ask God, “why were my prayers not answered’!

The story continues as Joseph becomes the Pharaoh of Egypt’s right hand man because could interpret  the Pharaohs dreams which was warning that there would seven years of  abundance and seven years of  famine.  So what happens during the seven years of famine?   Jacob and his family were on the verge of starving.  The had no food for themselves or their livestock.   And to fast forward the story, Jacob sends his sons to buy food from the Pharaoh and behold it is his son Joseph that is in charge.  Jacob and his family move to Egypt and survive the seven years of famine.  If Joseph had not be sold into slavery, Jacob and his family might have died.    So did God answer Jacob’s prayer, “Lord protect my loves ones”?

And another prayer:

The Israelites were doing  just fine in Egypt until the Pharaoh died.  The new Pharaoh changed the status of the Israelites from ‘residents in good standing’ to ‘slaves’.  Their prayers might be summed up in the following song verses:

O come, O come, Emmanuel (God with us),
And ransom captive Israel,
That mourns in lonely exile here
Until the Son of God appear.

Some report that they were slaves for over 100 years.   And finally God has Moses to deliver his people.  Did it take God that long to answer their prayers?

We may wonder about our own prayers. Do they matter? Will it make a difference if we spend twice as much time praying?  If we pray for rain, should we carry our umbrella to show our faith?

Next Christmas, feel free to ask God for snow – it does matter. He loves to hear from us. And, if it snows, praise God! It would be a very rare thing in Hemphill to have a white Christmas. If he doesn’t, then remember he still wants to hear from us on a daily basis.

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