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October 15, 2010

Old graves reappearing

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Toledo Bend Lake water level is over seven feet down and the unknown, unrecorded grave sites are partially exposed again.  I say again because several years ago when the Lake was down about eight feet,this site was first discovered.  At that time, I helped map and inventory the site by measuring entire area and locating each grave site within the area.  I can not recall the complete details but do remember there were nearly 70 grave site with about 40 being small graves (kids).  We did not dig into any of the graves but did probe unsuccessfully for head-stones.  The site is located on west bank of the Sabine River on the south side of the Pendleton Bridge.   All known cemeteries that would be inundated were relocated during the construction of Toledo Bend Lake.  The was no record of these grave sites.  All of the graves are in one area with the exception of one grave which located about 50 yards away from the main area.  It was interesting to note that several graves were located under the roots of a large oak tree.  The tree had been cut during the construction of Toledo Bend in the early 60’s.  The roots were not cut which indicated the graves were there prior the birth of the tree.  The tree had to be well over 100 years in age.  This route was one of the major routes from east to west.  A ferry assisted the travelers to cross the Sabine River.

Who’s buried, when were they buried, were they buried all at one time, did they die in Louisiana and were not buried until they crossed the Sabine River, why one grave site so far from the rest, why so many small graves, why no written records, why no recall of this cemetery by the old timers of this area, ????



was this adult and small child?




view from Pendleton Bridge






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