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October 13, 2010

On The Bright Side (10/13/10)

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Ever so often, I have a good dose of writer’s block when I cannot think of anything to write for my column.  I thought of several subjects but the words just would not come to me.

All week, I pondered and as my deadline came closer, I became stressed.  Then Friday morning, a light bulb went off in my head! And I became on the bright side again.

I was reminded of a thought provoking question which was asked at a recent meeting of the Deep East Texas Literary Guild.  Our guest speaker, Terri Lacher, asked ”Why do we write?”  I’m sure that her question brought many reasons to the minds of writers and authors who were in attendance.

My number one reason for writing is that God gave me a talent and I want to use it for His glory.  I could never write without God’s help.  I often pray that He will give me just the right words to say.

I also write with the hope to inspire my readers to enjoy life and to do the best they can while they can.  I often share personal experiences that may bring hope to someone else.

Like all writers I enjoy seeing my name in a byline.  It gives me a thrill and a boost of energy to keep writing.

I remember my first Mary Howell byline which appeared on the front page of the Sabine County Report in 1977.  At that time I was just a typesetter and I only worked four hours a week for a salary of $7.00 per week.  That finally got my foot in the door and after six years, I was named editor of the Reporter, a position I held for four years.

Then for the next 18 years, I did not write anything except letters to friends.  Five years ago I had the opportunity to write my weekly column once again.  During that time I may have missed only one week.

It has been said that writers get ink in their blood reached that level!

Well, I think I have reached that level!  That came to light when I first saw my book Life On The Bright Side and held it in my hands.   Talk about a “high”  – that was the highlight of my life and the fulfillment of a life long ambition.

I just want to say thank you to my faithful readers. I am always amazed when someone realizes that I am the one who writes this column.  Some of them have never met me in person but they still read my writing.  I pray that On The Bright Side will be a blessing to someone.  May God’s love fill your days and give you a life on the bright side.

October 13, 2010


Biography for Mary Howell

Mary Howell is a cerebral palsied quadriplegic who has resided at Hemphill Care Center in Hemphill, Texas since November, 2009.  She lived with her parents until their deaths and then lived in her home with 24/7 caregivers.  Mary has spent her life turning defeat into victory.  Her determination and strong faith in God have been an inspiration to all who know her.

Mary attended Hemphill High School, Wharton Junior College and served as the Editor of the Sabine County Reporter.  She has received numerous awards from the Texas Press Women and the Texas Press Association. for her writing.  Mary wrote and published her autobiography in 2007, Life On The Bright Side.

She has received various awards for her services in the community. She was named as an outstanding citizen, communicator of achievement, and Texas Handicapped Professional Woman of the Year in 1986.  She was among the “Nine Who Make A Difference” selected by KTRE-TV in 1986..

Mary’s love for God makes the difference in her life, enabling her to turn sadness into happiness and apparent defeat into victory.


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