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September 23, 2010

Poems by Spiffy (our granddaughter)

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Picky Pete
I had a dog, his name was Pete
But he did not want to eat

I tried feeding him anything
from fish to fowl to chickens wing
He’d just toss his bowl with a cling

I tried feeding him duck but still no luck
I tried feeding him rabbit, he’d just stare at it

From then I only had one wish
That there would be nothing in old Pete’s dish

I looked at him, he looked at me
Then just then… I could see
Was he a vegetarian possibly

He gazed at me with his loving stare
For that was the end of Pete’s food affair

The Obsessive Maid
Always busy, always busy, always in a cleaning frenzy

From late July to early fall our maid will come and do it all

First she comes and scrubs the stairs, she always says they’re dusty
then she cleans the cupboards bare even though they’re musty

Next off to the kitchen where dishes are piled high
She looks at them with discontent and frowns with a sigh

I still can’t figure out, where she gets these crazy antics
She runs around… she runs about… are all maids terribly frantic?


Spiffy and Papaw

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