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June 21, 2010

Braxton moving some dirt

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Man, I’ve got lots of dirt to spread

OK, let’s get started

Wow, this is turning into work

I may need some gloves and a drink of tea

About half done

Where’s my mom?

She promised to help me once she finished her chores.


Just about finished

the finished product:  pretty good huh

June 20, 2010

Some Photos from Sunday Morning at Hemphill Care Center

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First Baptist Church of Hemphill holds a Sunday morning devotional each week.

The folks are waiting for the service to start.

Mary wears a Gardenia in remembrance of her father on this Father’s Day 2010.

Her dad, Brother Clarence Howell was a servant of God

for many years in our community.

Ronnie Felts is the song leader for the Sunday morning services.

Mother and I enjoy going to church together.

Floyd and Bobby at the service

Benton and his mom

Tina Jay volunteers to play the piano every Sunday morning

and occasionally sings a special song for our enjoyment.

June 19, 2010

A family visit

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Went visiting Kris and her family at their new get away home.

and got to see these grand-daughters

waiting for the fish to be fried

just enjoying the outdoors

papaw and fish scales

papaw and kj

papaw and some good-looking chicks

June 18, 2010

G-man or Gar-man

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June 17, 2010

June 2010 Activity Calendar – Hemphill Care Center

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Hemphill Care Center
Activity Calendar
June 2010

Friday 06/18
10:00 am – Crossword Challenge
2:00 pm – Father’s Day Party with Quincy
and Ladies VFW Post 10351

Saturday 06/19
10:00 am – Macedonia Baptist Church “Little Angels”

Sunday 06/20
9:00 am – First Baptist Church
Happy Father’s Day

Monday 06/21
10:00 – Church of Christ(Bingo)
3:00 – Warrior Meeting
Pizza Party
First Day of Summer

Tuesday 06/22
9:30 am – Fairdale Baptist Church
2:30 pm – Sno-cones

Wednesday 06/23
9:00 am – Coffee and Donuts
2:30 pm – Domino Wednesday

Thursday 06/24
10:00 am – Crossword Challenge
2:00 pm – Manicures

Friday 06/25
10:00 am – Bingo with Kelli
2:30 pm – Popcorn

Saturday 06/26
10:00 am – Yahtzee
2:30 pm – Art Hour
7:00 pm – Ice Cream with Benton

Sunday 06/27
9:30 am – First Baptist Church
2:30 pm – Crossword Trivia

Monday 06/28
9:30 am – Singing and Bingo with
Parkway Baptist Church
3:00 pm – Warrior Meeting

Tuesday 06/29
9:30 am – Fairdale Baptist Church
2:30 pm – Waffles (Nat’l Waffle Iron Day)

Wednesday 06/30
10:00 am – Bethany Baptist Church
2:30 pm – Domino Wednesday
6:00 pm – Church of Christ (Lobby Singing)

Daughter, Kris and family just bought 2nd home in Hockley, Tx

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Kris says, hello and welcome to our casa

one happy family

Hockley, Texas

Sam McCurley is credited with being the first settler here – some seven years before the Texas Revolution. Not much is known about Mr. McCurley, since it was George Washington Hockley who established the town just prior to hostilities. The Texas Army camped here in April of 1836.

The railroad (the Houston and Texas Central) arrived in the Spring of 1857 and the following year a post office was opened under the name of Houseville. This oversight was soon corrected and the name changed to the founder, who had died just four years previously. After the Civil War it was suggested that Hockley become the county seat of a county with the same name, but the idea didn’t have enough support.

BY 1890 the population was nearly 300. Six years later the town was thriving with a cotton gin, three stores and four saloons. In the 1920s the population decreased to around 200 – remaining there through the 1940s. After WWII the population rose to 300 – remaining there through the 2000 Census.

Although the Handbook of Texas lists 95 businesses in Hockley, a visit to the densely-shaded community will show little evidence of such an economy.

Hockley: The Man

George Washington Hockley, was born in Philadelphia in 1802. As a War Department clerk in Washington D.C. he met (the future) Governor of Tennessee Sam Houston who suggested that he relocate there. Hockley and Houston became friends and when Houston came to Texas in 1835, he made Hockley his chief of staff when he became commander-in-chief. Hockley was in charge of the lengendary “Twin Sisters” at the battle of San Jacinto.  Houston appointed Hockley to several other posts, including secretary of war (prior to statehood). Hockley also traveled to Mexico  as an emissary of peace in 1843. Hockley did not live in his namesake town, but chose Galveston. On a trip to visit Henry L. Kinney in Corpus Christi, in June of 1854, Hockley died and was buried in Old Bayview cemetery. The Texas Centennial Commission Committee erected a marker at his gravesite in 1936.

June 16, 2010

The Pineywoods Pick’rs at Hemphill Care Center

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The Pineywoods Pick’rs performed at the Hemphill Care Center today and did an outstanding

job of entertaining.

June 14, 2010

Gman and Papaw

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great blue heron looking for a meal

Yep he found something to eat and gulp, it’s gone!

blue martin

mom and dad blue birds

black bird


dragon fly

Bluebird with meal for baby

June 13, 2010

more fishing from Lake Conroe

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jug fishing

good blue cat fish

time to clean fish

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