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April 19, 2010


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Some of your comments will be:

– you must be kidding-

– is this really true-


-this should be on front page of Houston Chronicle-

-talk about lucky-

-this is hard to believe-


There is not room for both in our neighborhood!

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Our family of geese.

Our intruder looking for a meal of baby geese.

When I came in from fishing today, the family of geese was enjoying the corn under our feeder.

A little farther was an intruder looking for a meal.

Given a chance, he will eat all of our baby geese.

April 18, 2010

Our Willis Home

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My darling has been working the flower beds and they are just beautiful.   This is just one of several flower beds.

This is a small bed of flowers out back that she has planted.

April 16, 2010

Ice Cream Party

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<Rene and Sunshine serving ice cream.

>Bobby with ice cream and some of my fried fish.  I took about six pounds of cat fish fillets and they did not last very long.

Just a bunch of chicks ice cream.

Rene helping Mary with her ice cream.

April 15, 2010

Our hard working Methodist Men

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I caught Wayne, Larry and Bob having a short break in their efforts to repair our church parking lot.  You’ll notice that Larry and Bob have working gloves while Wayne works with his bare hands.  Wayne says that a real working man does not need gloves, just calloused hands.

OK the break is over and back to work.   Now you see why Wayne doesn’t need gloves and Larry’s gloves must be for appearance only.  Bob may be the only one of this group needing physical therapy before the parking lot patched.

April 14, 2010

New family in the neighborhood

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For several years, our neighborhood has been blessed with several pair of wild geese.  They normally nest in the immediate area and have raise their babies.  Once the babies can fly, they’ll depart for cooler temperatures.  And next year they and/or their babies are back to raise some more babies.  Today mom, dad and five babies appeared.  Mom and dad had been frequent guest to our corn feeder over the last couple months.  We have another pair of geese nesting and hope for some more babies in the next few days.

April 13, 2010

trying to catch some pollywogs

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This is how I catch pollywogs for my jugs when fishing for the big ops.   These noodles have about two feet of line and are baited with beef liver.  The noodles are put out in the shallow waters and left over night.  In most cases, the mudcat will swallow  the hook.  No problem, I just cut the line and leave the hook in their mouth.

Below is an example of what I trying to catch.  These are just the correct size.  I’ll cut the fins off and hook them on a jug.   Now, I’m waiting on a big blue or big op.

April 12, 2010

recognize these gals?

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These three ladies sit together in this order every day near the front door of  Hemphill Care Center.  That is Maxine Ladner on the left, with mother in the middle and Nannie Poindexter on the right.  In the background is Bobby Butler.

April 10, 2010

Kenny’s back!!!

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Kenny is back on the lake and a warning has gone out to all fish, hide, protect your love ones, do not bite his hook or you’ll be sorry.

Kenny and his dad caught these crappie with the help of his friend, Leroy.  Now don’t be fooled when looking at the big fish.  It is not a crappie but a fresh water drum.  Kenny just does not have mercy on any fish.

Kenny gets help from his dad while holding this nice string of crappie.  Most of the crappie are males as the mass of females have not came to the shallows.

April 9, 2010

How about this string of fish!

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I grew up fishing on the river and creek banks with my papaw Keel (the top photo), We fished with a cane pole and used craw fish tails as  bait.  We caught lots of perch and a few cat fish.  Occasionally, Papaw would catch a bass which he called a trout.  To him a trout/bass was trash fish and would be thrown on the bank to die.   This photo includes a fresh water drum (commonly called a ‘gould’) which I caught.  We were fishing the Neches River.   Today I clean fish using an electic knife and keep only the boneless fillets.  Back then, we scrapped the fish and cooked them whole minus head and guts.  Mom was always concerned about us kids getting a bone hung in our throat, but it never happened.  The crispy fried tail was the first part to be eaten.  Oh how times have changed.

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