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February 19, 2010


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I’m fortunate to have several good friends as golfing buddies and one of my buddies is Verle Wright Jr.  Why single him out?  While the winter Olympics  are being televised most of us never dreamed of actually being at the Olympics in our lifetime.  Verle not only was at the Olympics, he participated in the 1958 summer Olympics in Melbourne, Austrailia in the Rifle Shooting competition.  Mr. Wright did not bring gold back, but he brought back many stories and memories.

Not only did he participate in the Olympics, he was in shooting competition in 35 or so countries and has held about 25 National Shooting Records as well as one World Record earned at the Moscow World Championship –Kneeling–300 meters.  He doubts that any of these records remain and they aren’t as important to him as his memories.  In 1976, he retired from the US Army (Major).

Now he enjoys playing golf at Pendleton Harbor Golf Course with his buddies.  Pendleton Harbor Golf course is a nine hole par 3 layout which is located near in Sabine County just off the banks of Toledo Bend Lake. When he is not golfing, he and Robert are catching bass.

Jr, it’s nice to have you a friend and golfing buddy.

February 15, 2010

more hogs

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My good friend and kin, Shane Thorn, criticized our method of the ‘two man carry’ to remove the hogs.  Shane keeps my 1987 Honda 300 in great working order and he wondered why we did not use it to carry out the hogs.   Well Shane, we did exactly as you recommended and the photo is the proof.  Tkanks

February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine Momma

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Mother is doing just fine in Hemphill Care Center.  She sits with her friends near front door and greets all visitors.  She has a friendly smile.  She will take a short nap.  You can send her an email by using this site —http://hemphillcarecenter.com/.

February 13, 2010

momma and couple babies

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From time to time, I look at our vacation photos.  For the last two years, Glenda and I  have taken our entire family to Cancun for a three week vacation.  And did the grand kids have a good time on the beach.  The group is not going this year and it not be the same without the constant noise.  Even with my loss of hearing, it was enjoyable noise.  Glenda and I will be lonesome for the group, but we’ll make it just fine.


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One day hog, next day pork.  Yep, this sow and two pigs made the mistake of entering a trap last night.  Now they are cleaned and ready for the final product.  The sow will be converted into pan sausage, except for the ribs which will be smoked on the big pit.   The pigs will also be cooked on the big pit.   So let me give notice to the grand kids, get ready to eat some ribs.

February 12, 2010

Eat my corn and pay later

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Well, in the first six days of trapping hogs, we caught two large hogs and six pigs.  That’s been about a week ago.  Now you would think the traps have a big sign that says, “DANGER- ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK”.  The game camera is still getting photos of three hogs and three pigs.    So hopefully, they’ll forget about the danger and enter the trap.

snow in Hemphill

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A couple of snow photos from Hemphill, TX.  It was mostly gone by 2pm.  Iwent fishing about 1pm and set out my jugs.

I tried hand fishing for catfish with not one bite.  I’ll try tomorrow in 60′ of water as I figure the cold weather has sent

the fish to deep, deep water.

February 11, 2010

cooking for grand kids

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February 8, 2010

Hauling a hog

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He was too heavy to drag.   It was too wet for a vehicle.  So we made a two man carry.  I got the heavy end.

February 7, 2010

more hogs to catch

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Even though we have caught eight pigs/hogs in the last six days, our game camera shows that we still have plenty of hogs and pigs.

You can see the hogs in our trap  to the left and the others just hanging around.

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